Elimination tournament in Poland.


Yess... I managed to win the elimination tournament in Warsaw and now I'm on the list of best players that will be participating in the official "King of Iron Fist" tournament in Gdansk on 14th of August. Really official, sponsored by Playstation 2, Coca Cola and Multikino, licensed by Namco... There were my fights recorded, but the quality is poor and the fights are cut in pieces (it was recorded by a camera that could record 30 seconds of a movie at once...), but if you want, here they are:

Semifinals, Tenshimitsu vs Di

Finals, Tenshimitsu vs Ti

I won PStwo console and 5 games. :) It's niiiice. :D Now I'm during extensive trainings, preparing myself for a final match.

Congrats Tenshi, those are some nice matches! Good Luck for the future rounds.

Congratulations! I expected no less :D Good luck, kill them there! :yes

Hey, congratulations Tenshi!
Up to the final match!

Thank you very much!

My friends told me that my style has improved since that elimination tourney... gonna do my best to represent the Manjikai in that tourney and promote the name of Yoshimitsu!

and show more kapusta <lol>

Mwahahah... I say you, I'll create soon "The Kapamitsu Team" :P

For English users: "Kapa" or "Kapucha" is the style of playing that uses only a few safe and damaging techniques to win the match. This is so funny because Yoshimitsu doesn't have any. :D Some people but think so because Yoshimitsu sometimes is unstoppable if Yoshi-player reads his opponent well...

we should make this word international :D ok let's try to learn other people say kapa or kapusta:D what do you think? like our: [tee who you yeah bunny >_> <_< =_= "" ]

yes, it happened, Tenshi and me, we created a word witch sounds like our Polish word:"kapa" so : if you see that someone plays cheap using two moves during fight... scream [ loud and clear:P]: cup aaaaaahhh !!!

Hey is there a word in your country that means cheap playing? here in Poland many players says [you have win 'cause you used cup aaaaaahhh:/ :D ] and this: ""The Kapamitsu Team" is for players using only cup aaaaaahhh .

There are few words in Finland with the meaning of "cheap playing".

First one in mind is "huijari", the cheap player itself. It's actual meaning is "cheater", and it's pronounced something liked "who-e-ah-ree". Ree as if "Lee" with R.

Another is "mammari" which is short for "mammanpoika", roughly "mommy's boy". Sounds something like "mom-mah-ree".

"Raukkis", short for "raukkamainen" - low. Impossible to try to dress up in words how to pronounce... :D

Perhaps "raukkis" is the most popular exclamation. "No kun se on semmonen raukkis..." He's just so cheap player.

Wow, cool :) Gonna memorise that! ^^ Nobody will know what I'm saying, especially as I'll shake the player's hand and say it with a smile on my face. :D LOL!

Just don't tell anyone I taught them, alright? :D

Guess who's gonna start screaming "Kapa!" from now on while playing, LOL.

Mwahahahahah! :)

Make sure you know that they don't know any words from Finnish before you say it. Heh heh... The benefits of a bystander, I get info without posting!!!

There is one word in Finnish that everyone know... it's the most Finnish word ever spoken out loud, and it's "Perkele!" - say it in any country, and say it right, people know immediately where you are from. And this is tested! I've said it in Sweden, in UK, in Greek, in Danmark, in Estonia, in Crete... and everyone has replied: "Oh, so you're from Finland, eh?" :D