ZEITGEIST - right here, right now

Do you know the movie I mentioned in the title? If not... then watch it, you won't regret.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRDvbXaQvB8&feature=related - it's the first part, search next parts in "similar movies". Polish subtitles aren't important as it's an English movie.

Most recommended...

I fully subscribe to ur view!
Watch this!! It´s important to know and learn about those facts that have been manipulated etc.

Kinda reminds me at my school time too. U know what Goethe wrote about Zeitgeist?

?Was ihr den Geist der Zeiten heißt,
Das ist im Grund der Herren eigner Geist,
In dem die Zeiten sich bespiegeln.?

Hmm kinda hard to translate :P
But it means that Zeitgeist is mostly a reflection of what´s going on in the minds of the 'leaders' of that particular time.

Well, I think we all know that but sometimes need to be reminded.
Watch the vid Tenshi postet then u´ll see it for urselves once again

And, hehe, the guy at the end of the world trade center part:

Yes, it's a very good movie :) Made me think a while, but as for religion part, be sure to check the information supplied. In many parts they don't give valid arguments. Like e.g. the time of Jesus birth. It's not 25th of December. The date was incorporated by the Church from pagan beliefs. The original date was different.

Also, there's nowhere to be found that Ozyrys was named "The lamb of God". Wha...?
These information must be reviewed by you.

You are a living encyclopaedia Tenshi. :)

I've never seen these videos before, nor do i know much about most of the content. :( But they are soo interesting and full of so much info, I hope it will sink in.. I'm watching the 6th video now.. The conspiracy of 9/11.. and I'm getting very depressed.

Why are people soo greedy? Why do we over consume? Why do governments/people murder to steal? :o Why we are accepting leaders we don't trust? - Satanists? XD

If we all worked together to make a better world... But that won't happen because human nature is as above.. What a shame... Our 'self-preservation' damages the world and others of our own kind.

Power is corrupt, absolute power is awesome...

Now i'll watch the rest of that vid...

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Too bad Michael Jackson is dead now!
"Heeeal the wooooooooooooorld, make it a better place! 4 uuuuuuuuuuuu and 4 meeeeeeeee
and the entire human race.."
tshuk tshuk'a
He could have saved the world!!! ^^

sorry... :P
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Yea... We always mean well... Most of us. Don't we guys? >.>

It's deeply embedded in us (Since we were primates) to help each other, in gain of receiving help from the other. 'you scratch my back and i scratch urs'.

Maybe politicians are lacking something. Compassion? Is money and power corrupting the human race, or are we lacking some sort of structure? - I think we lack structure.

We are designed to live in groups of 150 max. With a leader of course.. - Anything larger than that number there is some chaos, loss of team, and being needed - structure is lost... And a feel of business and great competition ensues. Money=survival.

What makes a human happy is not money, but good structure. And the feeling of being needed and cared for, and being in a group with i.e friends family. Why? Because it's so much like what our true nature is.

People who don't have that are the biggest consumers!

To understand why societies got shaped in the form we know now, you'd have to dig much in the past of human race. Up to the time of hunter-gatherers and the agricultural revolution transition. If you're interested, I might tell about it in short.

Generally, I think the modern societies are almost well shaped. The only thing what's wrong is that the regular society "cells" which are just homes of families, are too much dependant.

The most beautifully organized system is the organizm of a living creature, e.g. human. The cell of a living creature needs only signals (information), oxygen (air) and nutrients/water/building materials (food/water/other materials) to function, it produces any other things by itself, the main example is... energy. Every house should have its own source of power, no stupid power plants involved, no taxes for using electricity. It's very inefficient, think about all this infrastructure and lost resources which must be used to build energy ducts. It's enough for a house to have a solar battery and e.g. the geothermal installation to be self-efficient.

and so on...

Hmm.. what a coincidence you say about early people.. lolz. Today I was at a bootsale (Kinda like a yardsale but BIGGER and on a field) I bought two books.. Early people and Aztec. :)

I hear what you're saying about over-dependency. The people of UK despair of numerous tax's and being over-charged for supplies. Sometimes I'm sad and I don't feel like a free person, because know I am to be taxed till the very day I die. And in my death my family will be taxed. - Just for being human. -.-

Such a dismal view on life I have right now.. Heh.. MIlk it! :D

I'd love to be self sufficient.. And have a solar powered house.. Use rain water to flush the toilet, water and harvest my own crops...

The only thing I'll pay for is the tv, mobile and internet.. And some 'tax' for being 'alive'. I won't need anything else.

But I think there would be a huge economical collapse if every house in the UK was self sufficient.. Power Supply Business's would close down and there will be fewer jobs. But the Tax is Bu****t, there's too much tax it's not needed. The government is collecting so much tax, that instead of sharing it to hospitals and building roads (Which are desperately needed) A lot of it is going into ministers wages, and paying for their new houses, cars and cable. - This was all in the papers.. - Shame on them. -.-#