Story time... Tell us your most valiant Yoshi moments...

Grey's last post on shout about his awesome session at the arcade gave me an idea for a new thread. Surely most people here have a tale of a historic moment with Yoshi. Maybe it is the time you stayed up all night practicing so you could finally beat your boastful friend. Or when you wiped the smile from the face of the Lili player who had dominated the arcade for the last hour and a half. Or the time you beat your personal best on survival mode... or finally got that tricky combo your friend could do with their eyes closed yet it never seemed to work for you.. whatever your story, I would like to invite you to share it here. Let us inspire one another with our finest Yoshi moments :D

For me it has to be the time my ex told me he had been practicing with Steve and was unbeatable. Keep in mind that I am a hopeless player most of the time and at best I am average (after a few days of almost non-stop playing, which I rarely have time for these days). Imagine then, the look on his face when I perfected him in the first round :D Of course he soon got the better of me but for me, that was a proud moment :p

Sounds like time for feeding my ego :P (hope that everybody get positively this joke ;))

I've had a few moments, mostly because nobody expects from me even any kind of so called "level of play". I often met questions like "Have you played this game before?", "Can you play it?", "But we will be fighting against each other, are you still interested?". Generally boyzzz usually agreed eagerly to play against me as I challenged them, being so sure about an easy win that they could even bet money for it. (No, I never bet with newbie players) Unfortunately for them, my level is quite high and I can say with all responsibility that no one who's playing Tekken occasionally can beat me.

Moment 1.
The guy was playing Tekken Tag, having a counter of 15 wins in a row, surrounded by his defeated friends. I stepped in, asking if he wants to play against me. He said "Sure!" and... made a sarcastic grin towards his friends, pointing at me. For sure he wanted the 16th win, and in my feelings, he has shown disrespect to me. I decided I won't show him any mercy. I have beaten him 3:0 with two perfects. He was blushing red, angry at lost points, and his anger raised even more as his friends laughed at him "because a girl defeated him". He challenged me more, but he couldn't win.

Moment 2.
I always check local arcades when I go somewhere for vacations. I got into one nice arcade in Kolobrzeg city. There was Tekken 4. I started playing, hoping for a challenge. The best trick to provoke a challenge is to play poorly when somebody's watching ;) (it matches a stereotype of "girl cannot play"). Finally, I was challenged. I defetaed the guy pretty quickly, but he happened to be the friend of arcade's owner, and so... I played for 2 hours on one token, being challendeg by him and later by his friends, having a count of over 50 wins in a row. The key was to allow them win a round, then win two, leaving them with a feeling that it was a close call. ;) nasty, I know... but well...

Moment 3.
Not chronological, but well... One of the moments I'll always remember is my first big Tekken Tournament. I didn't win anything at all, I was too weak. But there, I met my Master (or better: Mistress) - Agnieszka Postrzech. She was a member of once famous Tekken team in Poland: Kapucha Team Jelenia Gora. From that moment I sank into advanced Tekken knowledge. I learned what's frame data. I have read first Tekken FAQs. They taught me everything, from the basics of play to the anti-strats, juggles, oki-zeme, the infamous "kapa"-style of playing (highly defensive style). I attended Tekken sessions organized by their Team once a month, where best Tekken players met. I sucked knowledge like a sponge. It was the time when my skill elevated by some hundreds percent.

Moment 4.
The King of Iron Fist Tournament series in Poland.
Oh... vacations, hot vacations... and the season of official KOIF tourneys. The Tekken community in Poland sticked together, travelling from city to city (where eliminations took place) and participating in after-parties. :D I won a PS2 during one elimination tournament as well. The careless travelling through whole Poland, the feeling of freedom, no plans what to eat and where to sleep (there was always somebody helpful to lend a helping hand and a piece of ground to sleep on) and tournament emotions - unforgettable.

There was more of it... and always Yoshi was the one who helped me win :)

such i good idea!

Moment 1:
i play tekken 5 first, and fist time i ever play i was like: OMG yoshimitsu is in here? i got punch in the face one time by king and he did the screwdriver tombstone combo on me and i die.

now serious stuff

i was playing in a arcade with SC2, and i manage to trap my last opponent in a one combo kill, using link in sophitia stage only(gamecube version,i was in the nintendo dome at a amusement park) trap in the corner i manage to pull off the combo i invented thats make like 104% of a health bar, i only had less then the quarter of my life left, most of my opponent age was like 16,17 and i was only 14 (link was cheap do XD )oh its not yoshi but i had to say it lol

in SC 4 recently playing online, i manage to win against a "good" cervantes player using a lot of suicide moves put just input all of them, so i was regenerating most of what i was losing, it look awsome!

my most glorious moment is when i create combos with yoshi, i love just training and creating new combo

Oooh I like telling stories hehe

Back in high school around my Junior year, there was this really cool teacher who had a T.V. in his room and he let us play games during lunch. Whenever we play Tekken I never really lasted long since my friends are pretty good and they got used to my play style. I remember at one point I took a break from playing Yoshi and studied and practiced new combos/set-ups/pokes and such. I played my new and improved Yoshi and I landed those crazy set-ups and wall combos I concocted. I took all the rounds and I even finished the last round with a dash-in suicide and got a perfect. Everyone was like wtf?!? My friends took my Yoshi seriously after that.

Around my senior year, there was a Tekken tournament hosted by a Gaming group here that I embarrassingly got beaten in. Single elimination, two rounds and 2 out of three matches. A lot of people were there and I was never that comfortable with big crowds so I felt a lot of pressure. First round I played this scrub Mokujin who thinks he's good cause he knows basic combos for each character. I was so nervous I ended up turtling and choked all the rounds. Lost with my Yoshi first then lost 2nd match with Ganryu. Felt like crap the whole time. In the end my training partner won 2nd place. After the tournament people just left and a few gamers stayed because they had free plays. I played a well-known player so everyone just assumed he was going to win. I managed to land all my tech catches and I neutralized all his pokes with flash. After the match people commented on how badass my Yoshi was and I felt satisfied that I redeemed myself for that crappy performance in the tournament.

And here's another story. A few weeks after T6 came to our arcades earlier this year, I've been playing non-stop and already got used to T6 Yoshi. Saturdays are normally the time when people flock the arcades and T6 has become one of the more popular machines. One Saturday I came early and got warmed up and people started to come in one by one. I was trying out Bob so I looked like crap since I didn't know what to do. Then behind me came up a group of guys talking in my native language and I guess they assumed I didn't understand them. They were saying something like "that guy sucks" and "I can easily kick his ass" but I didn't care so I pretended I didn't understand. Then they sat next to me and I just totally annihilated them one after the other. The King player kept trying to do chain grabs so I just duck every time he dashes in. The Lili player kept trying to do 10 hit combos so I parried the lows. Then a Lee player kept trying to launch me so I just punished his knee every time he used it. I got like 18 wins before I got taken out by a tourist who sidestepped my pokes. Pretty filling day at the arcades hehe.

Got a lot more moments but I'm tired so I'll post them later lol.

my greatest yoshi moment was when, i finaly got a really impressive looking juggle down (This one) 3~4, qcf 2 is was a nightmare to do for me because i isn´t good at juggling, but i did it at last. (i can´t do it anymore sadly because i got lasy and didn´t practice) :(

I used to play as Yoshimitsu in SCII, but then he became my brother's character. *shrugs* Go figure.

Anyhow, in SCIV, I was playing as Mitsurugi against my brother as Yoshimitsu, and I had beat him about 25 times when he began to catch up, and we ended up tied - I was certainly impressed with how he caught up. :p

As for Tekken, I don't remember playing against my brother in Tekken all that much... again, I don't play as Yoshimitsu in Tekken. Bryan's my favourite fighter. *shrugs*


uhm...where´s the valiant part? o.O
think I´m gonna stare holes into the wall now


My first:

Getting 47 Wins in a row in Tekken Tag at my previous Arcade HotSpot: Time Out in the Connecticut Post Mall, right here in Milford.

I was using Yoshimitsu and Jin as my Team. I thank them for making 50 cents last 2 and a half hours.

My Second:

Placing 9th out of 150+ people in Otakon's 2005 Soul Calibur 2 Tourney. Utter Bliss as the gaming room was crowded. Also consider that I was playing the GameCube Version.