Let's go crazy and start making some coctails!!!!

Okay... I think this cool digression from another topic deserves a thread of its own.

I am of course referring to our conversation about the 'Lars cocktail'. Lets throw together some ideas of what could go into such a strange imaginary drink and also.. more importantly, lets suggest ideas for a cocktail dedicated to the most awesome ninja in the world!!! Splinter!!! No no... just kidding :wink of course I meant Yoshimitsu.

Right, right...

Well I shall begin my research as soon as I get my next day off from work (by 'research' I mean hitting the cocktail bars of Newcastle on '2 for 1' hour sampling a many combos as I can... all in the name of research you understand.
of course, to recap, Kage as started us off with an idea for a Lars... sounds kinda lethal but..

Bayley + Blue Curacao + vodka + sourpuss = i dont know yet but it must be pretty screw up

I'll try it...

As for Yoshi's cocktail... maybe iced green tea as a base??? Maybe try sake in there somewhere, dunno yet.. I'll get mixing!!

So... any suggestions (the sillier the better) welcome...

Yes! It's a very good idea. I'll do some research in the making of cocktails. :)

I think since Lars in Swedish we'll use somw Swedish ingredients - Like the alcoholic base.

Well, I'll get busy with this tomorrow. I'm also in on the testing. :wink

NOTE: Please add your ideas for ingredients as follows: solids by grams and liquids by millilitres. :D

Give any links to cocktails that you like or look cool! :D

Haha, yeah it's fun :) I'll start some mixing soon :)

The taste, the colour and strength are important :)

In your opinion what taste and colour best matches Yoshi? I think the sophisticated drink should be part-green and part-red/purple (the dual-coloured drinks can be made with some effort). The taste should be sweet but refreshing (so a bit sour at the end (?)). Hmmm... I'll think about it. :)