Have you seen newest Transformers already? :)


As the title says: I have been to the cinema already and I don't regret. :) The movie was fantastic with some minor annoyances concerning lack of logic (but as for logic in recent Hollywood movies... you've got to get used to it, the level is falling down).

The biggest logic flaws were noticed by me in "The chronicles of Narnia" and recent "Terminator" - have you noticed that too? :)

Anyway, going back to Transformers, I was once a fan of Optimus Prime. Did you watch the Transformers cartoons? Hahaha... the days of careless childhood...

I am a huge Transformes fan!!! Those cartoons were some of my favorite growing up....I can't wait to see the movie....Was that Devastator I saw in the preview??

I'm going to see it on Wednesday, or so goes the plan. I had actually forgotten all about that plan until I read this :blush I liked the first one so hopefully I'll like this too (I'm easily pleased anyway).

I hope I manage to sit still and be quiet all the way through... I am not the best person to watch a movie with. My goldfish has a better attention span than I do. Though, to be honest, my goldfish thinks it's a rock so that's not such a good comparison, I mean, rocks can sit still and be quiet for a veeeeeeeeery long time... :D

sorry to disapoint fan, but transformer 2 for me, is sooooooo bad, too much stereotypical character, too much balls and dicks jokes and too much, just... stupid stuff. Robot Heaven? ROBOT HEAVEN!? like what the...and the robots that talks like gangster, the original cartoon was awsome so is the cartoon movie, the only thing good is they have the original optimus prime and megatron voices actors.i give it a 1/10, i prefer seeing batman&robin over transformer 2,(sorry about the rant its just ughhhh)

Hmm... well, I hope I don't hate it too or I'll kinda be wasting my money. I don't remember silly jokes and stuff from the first one but really, I never remember very much about movies.. my imagination can't slow down even while watching something so I sorta 'black out' for entire sections of the movie while I start thinking about something totally un-related (yes, yes, it sucks being me.. I know..hehehe)...

As for robot heaven... well... if robots really DO go to heaven then I'm gonna be as bad as I can so I have no chance of getting in (being pagan probably already sealed that deal, we go to 'the summerlands' sounds chilled to me...) I have a morbid fear of robots you see... and if microwaves also go to heaven.. then there's no chance I'd go. Best thing about dying is that I'll never have to see one of those evil things ever again..

yes, I hate microwaves... what has this got to do with the new transformers movie?? Your guess is as good as mine..

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Hahaha Kagekiyo ... :)

I just laughed at the scenes you wrote about... I'm quite used to the sequels being worse than original movies, so I was prepared for lower level. As for the jokes, yep they exaggerated, they really wanted to stay funny at all costs. But some of the jokes were good. :) (like self-paralysis :P)

The fight scenes, though: were excellent. Some Tekken characters could learn from this. :)

Hmm... Robo-heaven? As far as I understood how Transformers are presented, they are just a different form of life. Metallic one, but still - alive. But maybe I'm going too deep into details... :)

i personally think michael bay just wanted to get rich, alot of critics are raging about this movie, but i will have to see it for myself, because the original voices rock XD

Oh... I thought you have already seen it...

This film sounds like it sucks alreddy! - My sucky-radar must have dodged it big time cos I haven't even seen the trailer! :D

RANT: I really hate it when film sequels over exaggerate with jokes.. Or even music! - That desperation is really low. It shows they're all washed up and out of ideas... Or, they're not looking hard enough for people who write / or pay for good scripts... They should be paid less for a poor production.. (Meaning, I won't support them by buying the film) Otherwise they just continue with the low quality crap.. - And that's like an infectious rash and all other production companies will catch on and join in to cut a pretty penny.

Also, I think they're leaning too much on special effects these days... Maybe they're hoping that this will compensate for a poor story. :con

I'm gonna watch Ice age 3 with my bro soon.. I hope it's good. :)

Lol... :) What is they just want to continue the high-quality crap? :D The first movie was a blast, you cannot blame them that they wanted to do the sequel in that style.

Also: first see, then judge. There's nothing worse than judging something without seeing it.

i look at many preview and other internet critic, this was , my first shot at the movie, then i'm gonna see it and take my second shot :P

Sequels don't have to be bad... There are a good number sequels to films in the past that weren't bad. - Bad sequels getting too regular that now it is expected. They're not putting any heart into them any more; It's become like a 'get rich quick campaign'. My rant was about sequels in general. :)

Tenshi, have you seen David Cronenberg's movie The fly / 2 ?? The biological fusion of a man and insect.. Pretty gruesome and some good acting too I think.. - The squeal was a little better than the first film. :D

You could have fooled me Kage, you sounded like you'd seen it! :D

nah i'm just addicted to angry video game nerd and that guy with the glasses XD