Stage Screenshots

Wanted to ask if anyone know where to find screenshots of the stages in Tekken 5.
(e.g: Moonlight Wilderness, Hell's Gate)

Its easy to find some with characters but I'm having trouble finding some with just the stage.

Why I want it?

I might edit some stuff and I thought they would be pretty good as a Desktop Background.

hi I spent some time for you and I found couple of screenshots , none of them is very good but it must be enough to do enything:P here is link:
[url=]Click here![/url]

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Thanks for your time yme, it is very much appreciated. Thats a pretty long website, must of taken you quite a while to find them. Thanks again. They are actually pretty good!

Since you found some yme, I was inspired to actually TRY and find more. I found other stages and I'll add it to my files, sadly I couldn't find Moonlight Wilderness which was the one I was looking for.

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I can't find it too. everywhere are fighters:/ I could take screen shots ' cause I have TV card but
I don't have a ps2:/

I also couldn't find any pics of Moonlit Wilderness, but here's some pics that may interest you:

The last three pics on that page are of a stage that was never relased in the final version. Some say it was the original 'Acid Rain' stage, but was too detailed to make it to the full game. Anyway, enjoy! :)

I read somewhere these concepts were too complex to realise in-game. So the were tuned-down a bit, into the now existing stages. Maybe on the PS3? :)