Yoshimitsu vs Steve

Yoshi goes on Foxhunt :D


awsome that guy as a lot of yoshimitsu match :D nice find

Okay, this might seem like spam, but


hahahaha XD
Finally, I got 200 posts. Now I will conquer the universe...or something like that :P

Btw, I think Yoshi´s butterfly kick looks mint! It´s Kung Fu, but who cares ^^

P.S.: This IS spam -.-""""

spam spam spam spam?

I'm not sure how many people will even know what this is, but I love Spam!!! Most people hate it and I can see why. But for some reason I really enjoy it. Do they have Spam in other countries? Anyways sorry for the off topic rant, but I get carried away at times. I loved the video! I enjoy watching Yoshi matches in general, but especially when it's vs. Steve.

i'm still amaze by how he can fight without using a flag, is moves are so cool in SC ><, i hope to see more move ,transfer from one game to another

He build up an empire with the cunning use of flags! XD hehehe
"No flag, no country!"
so I guess he´s currently out of flags ^^
->"I claim Japan for Yoshimitsu! *sticks his flag in the ground" :yes

What´s this all about?? o.O

Hahaha Eddie Izzard!!!! I love it! God bless the flags of the world