Soul Calibur: broken destiny

new game for psp with new character Dampierre who use hidden dagger a la assassin creed, and the GOD OF WAR kratos, (hellllll yeah)

vid 1

vid 2

gameplay of dampierre

I'm soo glad I own a PSP!!! It was kinda stale for me after T5DR came out but it seems like this is the year for rock-solid portable fighters. Great Vid, Thanks for sharing!!

my pleasure most of the time i buy console because of SC i bought a PS2 for SC 3 and a Xbox360 when i heard SC4 was coming, i'm that crazy about SC XD, so maybe i'm gonna buy a psp

It´s so awesome that Kratos will be playable! He simply rocks. It´s cool to see he has plenty of GOW's special attacks ^^

Hehe, the guy with the moustache does the moonwalk XD

I always wanted to see Dante and Virgil from Devil May Cry as Soul Calibur characters. But guess it´s kinda too late for that. ^^"

that would be AWSOMEEEEEEEEE, i never thought of that, i seriously think they should put some Lord of the ring character in SC 5, i would love to cruch frodo with astaroth XD

So this will be for PSP only, right? Ah well... It's not like I would play it even if it WAS on PS3 (that thing has not been switched on for almost a month now. Always too busy with other stuff). Still, would be cool to see it!!!

And Kagekiyo I TOTALLY know what you mean about buying a console for just one game. Every console I ever had (which is only 4 btw) was bought only so I could play one game. The most games I ever owned for one console was 6!!! (I currently own 4 PS3 games and have only played 2 of them... Soul Calibur and Tekken!!! :blush).

XD Crush silly Mr. Frodo!! Yeah man, sounds great to me :yes

Uhm, besides Tekken and SC, what games do u own Jem?

I own Lair (never played it... looked kinda boring when my ex was playing it)... and something called... erm... wait while I dig it out of my 'box of scary technological items'... OMG... someone has changed all of the boxes in my room to different places... I am so confused now... Lost, in my own bedroom???

...The other game is Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (maybe I have told you this before?? Dunno). That one has never even been out of the box :D

Now to put everything back in it's rightful place... *sigh*

I cannot wait for SC: Broken Destiny. To be honest, I was afraid the rumours of them ending the series was going to be true, after SCIV, but finding out about this quite some time ago, really made my whole week (and I was having a bad week, when I found out about it through some people's dA journals). Dampierre looks very interesting, and I can't wait to see all the new modes, and the new character creation parts.

Kratos will be an amazing addition to this roster!! His moves look killer and I can't wait to play with him. My time will be completely consumed when this and T6 come out for PSP...Not only will I be busy at home with T6 on PS3, but now no matter where I am, now I can play my favorite two (current) fighting games!! Awesome!!!!

i want to see the critical finish!!!! espacially kratos one

wow!! KRATO!!! this would be a great one!! would they add new moves? especially for yoshi? hehe

God of war is in it!