something about me and my live

Hi my name is Glenn and I?m 15 years old. You people seem like nice guys so I going to tell some pretty personal stuff I about myself and my life, first time I played Tekken was when I were about 5 years and I have played it ever since, I?m not really great at because of I haven?t play against many people and this one the reasons why I have joined this site, I simply just want to learn from great players and of cause have some fun too8). For 5 months ago a came into a sort of temporary orphanage for teens because my life didn?t work out properly, the orphanage is one of the greatest things I my live and I have learnt a lot about people by living there. But in those 6-7 months nearly everything in my live has been turned upside down really, I talked to a psychologist and a psychiatrist and a have been told that I have hints of autism (aspergers syndrome) after have spooked the psychiatrist for the 2 time and after that I didn't go to school anymore but soon I shall start on a special school for people with autism and since I passed my anything school previous school which is wasn't a proper to learn for me, so I?m sure I will learn much more in the special school. Besides I have 3 step sisters and a step brother that I have ever seen before, play drums on my electronic drum kit with I got for about 5 months ago, I listen too Metallica, iron maiden, symphony x, van halen, thin lizzy led zeppelin, opeth, linkin park, avenged sevenfold, 2pac some songs and many others but mostly Rock/Metal. I hope that it will give you some okay picture who I'm

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Sounds like you've been through a lot in your life....I hope everything gets better for you and I'm glad you got to meet people in your foster home..I also have a large portion of my family that I met when I was fifteen for the first time, it was a very strange thing to experience. I'm glad you are here and want to learn more about the greatest game ever made!!! I can't wait to get a PS3, maybe we can play vs. mode online when I do. It's also nice to learn things about our fellow members. If you ever have any questions, personal or otherwise, please feel free to ask me. I'm not a shy person and I'm not afraid to talk about anything. I love your taste in music!! I have seen most of the bands you listed in concert and that's my favorite kind of music.

things are going alot better for me really than when first came in special the adults says that, so don´t worry be happy:D. jesus it lot easier explaining though speaking then writing for me, but still looking forward too playing tekken 6 br with Armor king and yoshi and against you online too.

Your writing skills aren't too bad, I understand what you're trying to say and that's all that matters. Don't be so hard on yourself. Can I ask what it is you prefer about Armor King as opposed to King??

armor king is like the more darker side of king witch i like, and he is better at hand to hand combat then king. but why i really like him actually goes back to when i was 5-6 years old and tried the tekken 3 (the first tekken i ever played), i was about pick a character, then first saw king and picked him and pressed x because i was fascined by big cats, but when i played the other tekken games i found out that is wasn´t has mask but armor king mask and then i played in tekken tag and i was insanity sold, i thought wow i didn´t fight like king but he has some of his advantages plus he was easier to use. and when when play tekken 4 i got really angery because armor king was by marduk so then it just king and yoshimitsu i played again, and you can´t imagine how many times i went to patrice mode to beat up marduk, when king forgave him in is tekken 4 ending just whent NOO!!!! KING WHAT THE FUCK KILL HIM!!! KILL HIM!!! but no many times i yelled it didn´t work sadly, but when tekken 5 dr came out i was really happy to see that Armor king was back, besides the game i think his story is really interesting and he has some yoshi mystic like you don´t really know who is , but some thing i think that would be really cool is that yoshimitsu and Armor king will a battle aginst each other in the tekken 6 br story mode

I have always liked King better since he has all those multi-throws....But I guess I've never really given Armor King a chance so I wouldn't really know. I'm a huge fan of big cats too! You know I don't think I've ever played against someone who was good with Armor King either. It will be nice to see him in action when we play online!

Nice to meet you officially A.K. Fan... sorry I took so long to welcome you, I've been away for the week and just soooo darned busy the whole time. No lying around and doing nothing...not at all...

Anyway... glad you like it here so far. Hope you'll stay for a while yet!!

Welcome to the family!!


You know what, you people are really nice guys after all:D

After all? ^^ Like you ever had a doubt hahaha :)

My brother also uses Armor King, not as no. 1 character but he trains with him from time to time. He has some really cool moves and his looks is also pretty cool. But they should have given gim more stuff to customize...
Anyway, he has a fire breath!! That rocks ^^

So, have fun here A.K Fan, and keep ur head up, boy ;)

After all? ^^ Like you ever had a doubt hahaha :) actually at the start i did.. just kidding:p

and thanks for the support by the way, but like said to Yoshimattsu don´t worry be happy,:D

its been a while that ive been friends with AK Fan, but, i only read this about 3 weeks before or 2... I didnt know that youve been through a lot o' things...

hope you have fun here... ^^