i have something to add!!! check this out!!! very nice!!!



an awesome vid... hehe... try watching it in HD!!! :D

and yes, there are still "chickens"

yoshimitsu8861 out! :D

until next time... :D

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The awesomeness rate just blew the roof. Again.

Except this... Lars? Swedish!? :( NOOOOOO!

(Bear with me, I'm just a Finn anyway)

*Doltishly dives into topic*

Lars??? Who is Lars? Why is he Sweedish? And since when do bears hang out with finns??? :P

Hmmmmm... Chicken. :)

Seriously, I don't know who lars is, all my attention has been drawn elsewhere. Will someone with the acquired knowledge tell me who this certain lars is? :)

Wikipedia says:
"Lars Alexandersson (ラース・アレクサンダーソン, Rāsu Arekusandāson?) is a Swedish officer in the Tekken Force who is now leading a rebellion against the Mishima Financial Group. He is also Heihachi Mishima's illegitimate son."

Watch your back, for Christ's sake!!! :D
[Apologies for possible Swedish readers :p Have some sense of humour, pls]

Eh... My apologies too. Got carried away with my super happy crazy 'confused' mood. :)

Thanks, but it doesn't say much about Lars. He's almost as mysterious as Yoshi, but I won't compare them. :P

Lars... Sounds like a great name for an alcoholic drink! *staggers into a pub* "Hic Gimme a Lars please! Hic"

my pervious story teacher is named Lars:dozingoff

Why do you wonder about him NOW? He´s been shown ages ago...anyway.
I think he rocks!! :D
His stance and fighting style look cool, as well as his different outfits. But him being
senile Heihachi´s illegitimate son!? -.-"" noooo!!

I´m glad they added so many European characters. After Steve, Miguel, Leo now him. Ah right, Lili´s also European.

Hehe, I had a funny chat about Lars` hair with Jembru lately ^^
I only say..."There's Something About Mary" XD


Hehe.. O blissful ignorance makes thine looks gay! :P

Yeah! It's cool! We keep getting more and more characters! But there's no kunimitsu to avail.

-.- damn, yeah...sucks!
Lets get drunk and complain all night long!!!

I´ll have 4 Lars please! :D

I am up for trying a few of those Lars too. :D Oh.. oh.. oh...





gosh that's always harder than it looks... but, we totally should make our own special cocktail one day and call it a Lars.

(blank looks)

Would be cool.

(more blank looks)

Okay okay I'LL make it myself.

(still being looked at blankly)

Fine.. I'll make it, drink it.. then never mention it again...

*Blank* *Drooling* ....o_O

Huh what?? Oh a Lars! So what will be in the contents of a lars? Hmm, will it have an alcoholic base of vodka or rum? - maybe a wine, moonshine or simply a beer. Perhaps it can be a herbal tea that will eh.. 'Enhance' the joy of computer games. HAHA! XD

Hey! Why not throw in all these ingredients??? :D

I'll try it fisrt!

Whoosh-smack-bang-clunk-clonk-thump! *Passess out*

haha!!! who would make a Lars? and, what would you mix? hahahaha!!! :yes

no!! i gotta have it first... hmm, maybe all of us gotta have some "Lars" hahaahhahahah!!! :yes :D

throw in everythin? now thats what you call *falls down*

yeaaaaa!!! hahahaha... *passed out*

WASTED! haha :D :D :D :D

I think someone should start a 'what would you put in Lars?' thread.. then we can all (well... all those of legal age of course ;)) experiment with and share ingredients until we come up with a perfect drink!!!


After that we should start again until we creat the best drink ever... the 'Yoshimitsu!!'

then one of us can get rich by opening a cocktail bar next to or even inside and arcade that sells all these crazy mixtures!!!

wow, this thread becomes a cocktail thread... hehe

lets make some mixes!!! ^^

Seems like we've added spam to the ingredients of Lars. Yuk! ..A cocktail of meat.. Ewww. :p

p.s Someone call the hospital... I'm shaking with ataxia and can't move my legs! - This Lars is the shiznit! XP