Well, I'm kinda new here. So lets get to know each other better!

heh, long time, no see. I've been little bit lazy so that's why I haven't been so active. Jake(actually Jarno) is my name so get used to it once again! I'll be on your nightmares( at least Koga's). Just kidding. But what is coming to tekken, I'm still the first and the only one "cutie-Bryan"( who has red hair right now).

NinaW : Hello! I'm Taru, a friend of Kogamitsu and Jake. I like the music from Rautanyrkki. I don't like sports, I get enough exercise as I run after my bus every morning... :con

And the best Tekken character is Nina, of course! What's a question like that, anyway...? :D

Metallica, iron Maiden, slayer, anthrax, megadeth, judas preist, avenged sevenfold, opeth, soil work, motorhead, disturbed, slipknot, linkin park rarely, nightwish, mastodon, killswitch engage, evanescence, sum 41, sr 71, thin lizzy, foo fighters, queen, queensryche, papa roach, motley crue, testment, led zeppelin, black sabbath, def leppard, van halen, mudvayne, arch enemy ,joe satriani, system of a down, the police, iced earth, yellowcard, carpark north, unearth, guns n´roses, danzig, blink 182, korn, pantera, nirvana, limp bizkit, Dio, 2pac and many more but mostly Metal/Rock/