Advice, tips, on starting out with exercises?

Okay, first off - I have to say I don't work out all that much, or do much walking outside (Mom's trying real hard to get me to take morning walks though, but it seems our sleeping is always different,'); so... I guess you can say I'm a mouse/TV potato, yeah, kind of the nerdy type.

But anyways, I was working out a couple of years back, and that did great wonders for my energy (with the side effect of getting real hungry/thristy afterwards,'); but after I got sick for some time, I wasn't able to get back into working out...

A few months ago, I worked out at a gym with my brothers; but I think I overdid it by going too fast too quickly - the heart rate moniter was either acting up on me (but not my brothers, so it might've been me...), or telling me I shouldn't be doing that (I guess I shouldn't have,'); because it kept telling me that I was going from a fast heart beat, to normal, to slow, and rapidly changing between all of them... and I had trouble just lifting 5lb dumbbells (which I'm not sure were really 5lb, since now my brothers have 5lb dumbbells, and they're a little easier to handle than the ones back at that gym)...

I'm thinking of starting off with miltitary pressups, to begin with, and ease myself into actual pushups; as well as use the 5lb dumbbells (and drink lots of water to keep hydrated, since I have a problem with dehydration; not unusual for a HSP though) - but I'd like some advice, and tips, for beginners, and preferablly some advice from people who are also starting out, or can remember starting out clearly.

(In case anybody asks; I'm 19 years old, slightly overweight, but people say I don't look it - I'm actually on an diet now though - and roughly about 5'5"... actually am 5'4" 1/4, but yeah :p)

every day when i go to sleep i take 50 pushups because that is my near my limit. run/walk or cycle insted off taking a bus if you need too go somewere, be your own sort trainer and challenge yourself physically to improff? your stamina sorry if didn´t say annything useful but still i hope that it would be useful in someway. I hope you understand what i said, (bad grammar:blush)

It all depends quite a lot on your general fitness status and motivation, and moreover, what do you enjoy doing, exercise-wise. :)

I can tell you how I upkeep my "fitness", but it won't necessarily work for you. I'm a bodybuilder (I started when I was 12, so I've been lifting weights for... 8 years now? Blimey, time flies!), and weight-lifting + cardio exercise (jogging, mainly) are my combination of choice.

By the way, my first advice is that you throw your scale out the window. Look in the mirror and see if your clothes are too tight. Those are the indicators that you need to do something, not your weight. As for me, I'm 165cm tall, and at my heaviest, I was way over 70k heavy - but I was never overweight or fat. Period. Muscle is lot heavier than fat, therefore it ADDS to your weight rather than reducing it. :) Therefore, skip the scale and do something else.

If you like team sports, try and find a local club to go to and have the time of your life while exercising. That's the easiest way to do it. If you'd like to jog, start out easily so you're not damaging yourself and your motivation. Try, for example, a 20 minute track, first by walking two minutes and running for the third minute and so forth, until you can run the whole track nonstop. Then just keep adding distance to the track.

I'd recommend taking a look at the website of my priestess of Fitness, Even though its main focus is on weight lifting, she does share numerous general tips for those who begin exercising, and talks about these "diets" that a lot of people try when they want to lose weight. Have a look, I guarantee you find something useful in there. :)

In case you find your inspiration in weight-lifting (hehe, that sounds like the most obvious propaganda :D), I'll be more than happy to help with further info, if you want :)

Yours cruelly,
~ Kogamitsu

Hehehe! If you knew me any better, I'd tell you to do the opposite of whatever I do. XD

Stay away from starchy foods (They'll slow you down) Don't eat after 8 o'clock pm. Eat lots of fruit 'n veg; plus all that water.

After about a week you'll have good energy and be focused.. I suggest to you; is to go cycling, going out more with mates, or anywhere! (lOTS OF WALKING) - swimming um.. go skating. Get an mp3 and do some light workouts - go to gym maybe? (time flys when listening to good music)

Hmm.. Get a stereo 'n turn the music all the way up (Until you get that pumping feeling) and do a lot of dancing! YEY fun! :P

Not necessarily good workouts here, but they are fun starters to you get out of 'lazy street'. - If this isn't for you, find an army recruiting website (Don't worry.. You don't have to join them) But they always have some excercise plans set up for peeps; easy - hardcore.

BTW.. I am overweight.. I should be doing all these things.. It's so funny for me to give this advice. Haha :D

Are you actually overweight? Or do you just have a low body-image right now? I kinda know how that feels, years ago, in school, I hated the way I looked and so I had a seriously unhealthy relationship with food. Actually, I still have a tendancy to forget to eat, or eat things with the nutritional quality of sand. BUT... I have decided this will change now.

Recently, after a few years of actually liking how I look and feeling confident in my body I suddenly felt unhappy in my appearance. So I have thrown out anything I had that was full-fat (or half-fat.. since the semi-skimmed milk just went 'glug-glug-glug' down the sink too :p) and made myself a menu to make sure I am actually eating at meal times and stuff.. and of course I'm gonna eat more fruit too!! Just made my self an awesome stirfry using all the fresh veg that was meant to be for my guinea pigs... oh well, they can have the cheese pizza's I don't want (kidding.. I wouldn't really feed them pizza).

I already have a very active job. I do a lot of physical activity (though some days I do a lot less) so I wont do a lot of exercise, just stretches to tone up because other than my legs, I don't really carry much body fat at all.

I'm in the process of throwing out anything in my wardrobe that doesn't suit my body-shape, (I'm a sweet, juicy, loveable pear hehehehe). Because I really think wearing the right clothing makes a huge difference.

But above all else, way, way more importantly, I have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and stop being hard on myself. A genuine warm, cheerful smile is surely the most beautiful thing anyone can possess, right??

Okay... not sure if this helps but maybe...

Other than that, you could always try getting a Nintendo WII, my sister went down two dress sizes in a month by getting addicted to that thing.. oh though I think a rowing machine was also involved in there somewhere.

*note to nintendo, this plug for your console was not free.. please send me ?2,000 in the mail asap... pleasure doing business with you.