about the shout box

1. i wish i will not write my name again and again..
2. i could write my message right away without rewriting my name
3. without reloading the page in order to see the latest message

that would be convinient ^_^ just a suggestion

This shoutbox is old and is a temporary measurement. Don't worry. :)

fast reply......lol....jsut awesome.....
i salute you tenshimitsu

I just happened to be around :)

well, i found out that, by shouting a message in the shoutbox, it refreshes automatically. Is that true Tensh? cause, sometimes thats what I do, so that it'd be faster rather than refreshing the whole page...

Hmm, I'll try to add the refresh button...

THE BOSS, question... about what I posted a while ago in this thread, is it really meant for the shoutbox to act that way, or is it not?

'cause, thats what I do usually, add a single smiley, or say hello again, so that I wont refresh the whole page again...

Does the shoutbox refresh itself if you shout a message? :D

Yes, it's quite logical shoutbox refreshes itself when you submit a message.

Now you don't have to reload page when you're not shouting: use refresh button instead.

This shoutbox is very old, written in 2005. But the previous one we had has some compatibility issues with our new server software, so it cannot be used.

However, the next one will be better.

COOL, nice refresh button! Can you make the message box bigger too? :satisfied

nice refresh buttons it is great