YOT's Birthday and the YOT Awards

Manji Z-Ryshan : hihi ,,, tht wud b ummm ... good?.. :S:S .whats "enthusiastic"??

I'm sorry, I tried to help... I was going to post a link to an online dictionary to explain what it means but when put in 'enthusiastic' it just said:

Online dictionary:

Manji Z-Ryshan having recently joined the Yoshimitsu Obsession Team

Guess that doesn't help at all...

Enthusiasm originally meant inspiration or possession by a divine afflatus or by the presence of a god..... WIKIPEDIA .. !!

well, i think what u mean is like im blindly devoted, right?? ...well, thts what Mr. Wiki has to say....

SumSamurai enthusiastically describes enthusiasm to Manji Z-Ryshan. It means to be keen, passionate, devoted and very interested in something. Employers seek enthusiastic employees. :D

Archaic: A religious person, 'Enthusiast' because they are intense in their faith.

hihi... thnx for the english lessons.... lol ... uhh, i got english exams in the 11th nd 12th ... :|

im looking forward too see what it ends with the votes :D and good luck with the exams Manji Z-Ryshan :yes

^_^ ..... thnx mann...

So aren't you guys gonna vote??? If not, why not??

yeah while you still got time you know, isn´t something that happens
everyday so vote god damm it :yes