YOT's Birthday and the YOT Awards

Some of my wishes

- quickest deliver of news about Yoshi
- greatest Yoshi player on YOT (Tekken and Soul Calibur)
- most helpful member

Well if we all lived in a house together I think it would be a little easier to decide who the best Yoshi player on the YOT is, but since we don't live together...Or even close enough to get together and play on occasion, I think it would just be pure speculation. Besides, in my opinion, at least from the videos I've seen posted here, it would come down to Tenshi vs. Zen....Now I don't wanna make anyone angry, and this is just my opinion. After all there are how many countless members that most or none of us have ever seen play, and as for Soul Calibur, who knows....I like the game but not enough to even speculate on playing ability.

(Edit) Ok so I'm having some issues with my voting, I have a couple of questions. We are voting in all categories for the active members excluding ourselves, right? And we only vote for a member once for one category, right? Also, There seem to be more currently active members than categories, so are we gonna maybe add "Most Helpful" or some of the other suggested categories or go with the previously mentioned list? I have the current active member count at 12 so I think one more category would be perfect.

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Well, I´ll give some votes now. Maybe not all, cause it´s not that easy to decide sometimes.

- best fanart: damn, Kanta-kun took some of his fanart down -.-
no tekken stuff on his deviantart account anymore...
well, then I´ll vote here for Tenshimitsu for her "Another Yoshi... and
Kazuya" pic ^^
- best artist: Kanta-kun
- most being like Yoshimitsu member: ?? I dunno! :P
- most obsessed with Yoshi member: Tenshimitsu I would have voted for Jembru here
a few weeks ago, because her behaviour towards a video
game character was really really obsessed back then,
but it calmed with the time, besides: play more Tekken! hehe :P
- best fan fiction (author): Jembru for her great and long Tea party story, which I never finished XD
- best comic: obviously Kogamitsu for her Blood Ring series ^^ well done! keep it up!
- most lovable member: hmmmm...Yoshimitsu8861 for his funny and childish ways (which is not bad since he IS very young ^^) and for drumming up the business here :D
- member you'd most like to have a drink with: uhm....ALL OF YOU?! -.- can we drop this category :P I can´t pick only one person here...
- most talkative member: Jembru because she always gives long and detailed answers and is always exerted in them funny and useful (if she can XD)
- best DTPA poster - the ultimate killer machine: no doubt SumSamurai!!! She´s the ultimate killer for sure! Queen of the undead ^^ :yes
- biggest Soul Calibur fan: Kagekiyo I know Pris is very into this game as well but Kage is more exerted in bringing SC threads to flow ^^
- funniest poster: Okay this is really difficult...since we have a lotta funny ppl here....I´ll decide on that later ^^

Hmmm more to come. Prepare yourselves! hehehe

Sorry but I don't feel comfortable voting yet. I think we should organize this voting thing more. Right now we don't even have the rules and info about how to vote. We don't have the final categories to vote on either. Voting irregularly also gets things even messier. When we vote we should vote for every category all at once so results can be tallied as a whole rather than in pieces. I'd say let's get a whole set of rules first then confirm with Tenshi about the badges thing she had planned.

Grey is right we need to decide on rules and everything first.....I have all my votes ready to cast...But for the 11 categories Jemma has listed on pg.2 here. Plus I added "Most Helpful" or "Most talkative", either way I'm ready to vote but we need to agree on some things first.

Hmm, thing is, we already agreed to agree on rules and stuff -.-"""
But besides writing that we need to do this, no one DOES it XD

Besides, it´s not that big a deal, this whole voting stuff...

but I´ll PM my ordered and complete votes to Jem via PM yet anyway.

Jem had posted the final categories and some of the ones you voted for aren't part of that list plus where did we agree on rules? So we are going to vote for the same member for more than one category?
(Edit) Nevermind about the rules thing I misread your post.....You are right. So if we could add one more category like "Most talkative", "Most helpful", or something like that, I will cast my votes.

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Hm... I think we need to remind ourselves this is meant to just be a bit of fun! I posted my idea a month ago and no one has suggested 'rules' despite being asked to... I don't think we need rules besides, 'vote for YOT members'. Yes, that is the rule. Those people who have made suggestions have been a huge help though, so thanks. I only took out what I thought were pointless or offensive topics but I was going to put 'Most Helpul' back in as was requested :p

We still have 2 months (just over) but we do need to start collecting votes now because many members only check in with us now and then and the more time we have, the more likely people will vote. I've got a note book so I'll keep a tally next to names. If categories change for whatever reason it seriously is not a huge deal. Also, if anyone thinks they can do a better job of this then I will be happy to let them take over from me but no one has even offered to help collect votes are anything so I don't see that happening.

as for voting for the same member twice, why not? The same athlete can win more than one gold at the olimpics can't they? We can't have 'as many categories as possible' AND a rule saying a person can only be voted for for one category (besides, this will NOT prevent one member getting more than one award, this WILL happen, there simply aren't enough members otherwise.. it's no big deal ---> fun, remember?)

Finally, I did ask if any categories I dropped should be put back in, If Gattsu voted on ones I took out then they can stay. As Matt wants 'most online' or 'most talkative back, i thought we could have 'most active'?? Isn't that the same thing?

So here's the list taking into account everyone's suggestions...

- best artist
- best fanart
- best comic
- member most like Yoshimitsu
- most obsessed with Yoshi member
- best fan fiction
- brainiest member
- most helpful member
- most lovable member
- member you'd most like to have a drink with
- best DTPA poster - the ultimate killer machine
- biggest Soul Calubur fan
- funniest poster
- most active

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Ok then sounds great to me! And I'm sorry if people think I'm ruining their fun by trying to understand this better. This is not my intention. I guess I'm just a buzzkill. Anyways here are my votes.

Best artist- Kogamitsu
Best fanart- SumSamurai
Best comic- Kogamitsu
Most like Yoshi- Jemma
Most obsessed with Yoshi- Toramitsu
Best fanfiction- Pris
Brainiest Member- Tenshimitsu
Most Helpful- A.K Fan1234
Most lovable- SumSamurai
Member I'd most like to have a drink with- Grey
Best DTPA poster- Manji Yoshimitsu
Biggest Soul Calibur fan- Kagekiyo
Funniest poster- Gattsu
Most active- yoshimitsu8861

Thanks for the votes and no.. I'm still buzzing, you've nothing to be sorry for ;)

I was just saying that to be as clear as I can for anyone reading the thread I need to explain why I am doing things because I don't wanna seem like I'm just making things up and doing what I want... :P

is it the time to vote? ohhh noo!! im outdated on whats happening...

so, are those categories final? just askin...

Yeah... as final as they can be. Like I say, if anything must be changed later it's not the end of the world, but hopefully, everyone will be happy enough with these ones. :P

so does Tenshi know, that we are near the end of this at all :O_o

so, do we need to vote now?

Yup cast your votes anytime from now. I'm excited about all of this!!