YOT's Birthday and the YOT Awards

I think the more awards we have the better a chance some of us have to get one...But then again, like you said, there aren't a huge number of active members. So I think I'll vote on all the categories that are available..I agree that some of the categories Jemma mentioned are expendable, there are a couple I think should be kept...Like Always Online for example. I know that many of us are here at least once a day, but there are definitely some who spend more time logged in than others.

Hmm...since not enough ppl vote for categories, why not start collecting votes soon nevertheless?

Who wants to do this now? Jem? Want pms or should we post here? Anyone else wanna collect votes?

Yes, I am happy to start collecting votes via PM but I also think voting openly here in this thread should be acceptable if people are happy to share their opinions with the world (a YOTian afraid to share opinions? Does such a thing exist? lol) and if someone else would offer to collect votes it would be cool, because then even I won't know the results until we add everything together FUN!!!!

Right, well, how about we use these categories, from Gattsu's list...

- best fanart (but can include comics)
- member most like Yoshimitsu
- most obsessed with Yoshi member
- best fan fiction (can include comics)
- brainiest member
- most lovable member
- member you'd most like to have a drink with
- member most likely to be a pimp
- member who´s online the most (lets leave this in for Matt's sake :p)
- best DTPA poster - the ultimate killer machine (gotta have this one!!)
- biggest Soul Calubur fan
- funniest poster

Lets start voting this weekend (sat?) so anyone who doesn't agree with this list (or wants to collect votes) please say so asap!!!

Oh and Gattsu.. congrats on making 200, I'm so proud!!! :D

What does DTPA mean? Also, when you say most likely to be a pimp, what definition of the word pimp are we going for?

DTPA is this -----> http://www.manjikai.com/yot/forums.php?m=posts&q=21&d=630 Some of it is quite ingenius so I think we need an award for the best post.

Pimp, hmm... lets say not to take it literally :p but, if you don't want it in or think some could be offended by it, lets drop that one (could replace it with something if you like?), I mean, I dropped 'lamest person' and 'most off-topic' so no one would be offended, even though they were just meant as a joke (even some YOTians don't always bring their sense of humour online with them ;))

Well I think you all know I'm not really easily offended, but some may be. I wasn't sure because here there are a few different meanings for the word "pimp". I think it's very funny and it should stay, but that's just my opinion. The only reason I asked is because, depending on the intended definition, who I vote for for this category may change.

I can see the funny side of "Member who's most likely to be a pimp" but to be on a more serious note, people will worry about its context and will wonder what possessed others to vote this. - I am female, if I was voted a pimp I would be worried. :p

Let's drop the "who's most likely" as it's an assumption, we may well do someone wrong, and it's not really something to be achieved.

I can't think of a replacement category at the moment... I don't want to come up with ideas that are too personal. Also, my 'lamiest person' was a joke! It's even spelt wrong! :D

i dont think you can judge, even if i find it funny, who is more like a pimp by how they write, and not everyone as a picture in the member picture section ( wich i'm still waiting to see if anyone disagree with a shirtless picture because thats the only recent one i have XD)

Okay then.. Pimp stays out. So... anything else we should take out or add? I suggested Saturday for voting to start so only one day to go.

and of course you can show us a shirtless pic :p I think only the females here shouldn't do that!!!

I'm down for Saturday voting and shirtless females hahaha just kidding. But really I'm free to vote Saturday...So how are we voting? Here on this forum or by PM???

I think it should be optional...vote here or in private via pm.. we have a start date, what should be the finish date?? YOT's Birthday itself?? I don't think it will take long to count up votes... but we need to know what to do if we have a tie!!! I think I'll vote here... I kinda like the thought of people seeing what I think their talents are!!!...

Do you think a voting quiz\poll with comments will be better than counting here and there? :p

-.-" Damn, so the pimp category is out...whatever.
I think we should stop collecting votes before the birthday date, then we could maybe give away badges on that day...sounds more appropriate to me.

Still we need Tenshi´s opinion to that since she´s made herself responsible for the badges.
Voting tomorrow...^^
will be fun.

Yeah, pimp's out... guess that's unfortunately just our unique sense of humour Gat... but worry not, you can be the pimp of YOT now as there's no competition (I'd probably have voted for you anyway ;))!!

And Sum..we could do it that way but it would be very complicated... for each category you'd have to have a poll with about 50 choices under it (well,youd have to cover all the recent active memebers at least) this would be clumsy and time consuming and Tenshi's probably got better things to do with her time... but if you can think of a simpler way... Then let us know. Honestly though, counting votes is easy... I bet only about 10 members will vote anyway... it's just a bit of fun. Besides, I already said I don't mind doing the all the work if I have to :p

woah!! its been a while!! i didnt know it took that long!!

anyway, a votation? when? hehe...