YOT's Birthday and the YOT Awards

Woah one day after my birthday! XD, i think its a great idea

P.S: we want more SC post lol

Well, the badges in my vision will be graphical. Of course they will be cute and humorous, small versions of them will be visible in forums/comments, the bigger ones in profile page.
Maybe something like this:
Maybe a bit different, the design is yet to be decided.

More SC posts? :) Well, to be honest I'm not that into SC so it's up to the community if there will be more SC stuff. I would be pleased. :) If only somebody wants to write articles and present strategies, I can dedicate a section for this in YOT. :)

wow! that would be a good basis for the badge!! nice one!!

Yoshimattsu: thanks!! haha, Jembru said to me a while ago... haha... thanks anyway

Kagekiyo: wow! a day after you birthday! cool! yeah, we need more strategies for SC... haha...

THE BOSS! : so, the ones who'll make the badges should be artistic, creative, and must be good in multimedia, anyone here? haha... im not that good in making such things... haha... :D

another question... would the badge's names and design be chosen by votes by YOTians, or by high-ranking YOTians, or, just chosen by THE BOSS... haha...


The evolution of YOT is upon us :D

Maybe we need a 'biggest soul calibur fan' category..then we have a clear winner :wink

I think we should change "best fan art" into "best artist"...or maybe put both on the list of categories...

But lest not leave all the work for poor Tenshi...I think she has a lot to do anyway...new YOT ;)

so maybe we can discuss about categories here. What do u think?
Imagine one person winning several badges ^^ would look funny in the avatar :D

And new idea for a category: Funniest poster.

I think I can handle the badges... I'll be doing new YOT graphics and icons anyway. I'd like the badge design to be a suprise. :) But it's up to you whether you'd like to see it earlier.

From the other features of new YOT, I think of:
1. Completely new gallery, with a section similar to Youtube (We will call it Yo-tube :P)
2. YOT members distinguished from regular members. YOT member's posts and comments will have different design than regular members.
3. A bit better control panel, but I don't know yet the details
4. A notification system
5. Yoshimitsu podcast merged with our engine.
6. Editable comments (If you do a typo, you can edit comment for about 10 minutes)
7. New dynamic header menu
8. A bit different section organization (site divided in 3 main parts: Manji Clan (Community stuff: Forums, Blogs), Manji Vault (Media, Galleries), Manji Dojo (Articles, Strategies))
9. Better, integrated shoutbox
10. Badge system

Distant future:
- RPG-like Manji game
- Our own shop system

woah!!! an RPG-like manji game!! thatd rock!!! wooohooo!!!

hmmm, YO-tube or YOT-tube... hahaha... nice idea there THE BOSS!! :yes

nice one Gattsu!! several badges... haha...

YOT evolution!! woooohooo!!!! GO YOT! :D :D :D :yes :yes :yes

I just love this site, and I can't wait to see how cool the new one will be!! One thing is for sure, we're in good hands..All great ideas Tenshi!

I am SO excited for new YOT now.. almost as excited as I am for the release of T6. I also imagine some members will get more than one badge, especially some of our new friends as they've already had such a positive impact on our little community here.

And Gattsu.. funniest poster? Can we then also have dumbest poster? I mean, I HAVE to win something :p

Oh wait... I could try for Grey's 'always off topic..' I saw a really nice rainbow today it was... haha only kidding ;)


I'll do my best :) Your excitement influences me big time and I can't wait to find some time and start working on YOT. :D

Please keep bringing the ideas as for Award Titles: I'll look into this post as I'll be creating this functionality.

From other features that came to my mind:
+ "Bookmark" button will become "Add to favourites" - you'll be able to add to favourites almost any YOT article, movie or whatsoever.
+ It's possible shoutbox will be site-wide (not only in home page), so that we'll be constantly in touch. ^^ (I hope my server will handle it :P)

wow!!! shoutbox improvement again!!! woohoo!!! posting at forums and shouting at the same time!!! oh yeah!! nice one!!! i like that!!!


I can't wait to start nominating and voting for these badges!!! What a wonderful idea! I think everyone here hopes they win one.....Including me :)

i think everyone loves to have a badge!! haha, who wouldnt? :D

Me!! Me!!! MEEE :P
I don´t really care...

But should I win one, it´d be cool too.
New idea for category:
Best signature.

Hmm, who´s not as lazy as me and would list all categories we have so far in a post?:P
Makes choosing easier ;)