Tekken the movie Trailer(2009)




Is this trailer a joke?? Please tell me that's not how the movie is gonna look!! I really hope this film turns out better than that and I have a feeling it will...I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see that and go on hoping it totally rocks. Ahh nevermind it's definitely a fake cause there's not gonna be a Hwoarang in this movie.

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well, its obviously fake for me... since grammar is greatly incorrect and, it doesnt look that good for real movie makers to make that kind of trailer...

"WHY ARE YOU FIGHT!" HAHAHAHAHA!!! i really laughed there!!


Good effort, though. Hwoarang really looks like himself. :)

WHY ARE YOU FIGHT!!! haha... the best part!!! i cant stop laughing there...

although, i agree that they had some effort doing that...

"WOW!! I didnt notice that THIS IS MY 100th post!! OH YEAH!! :yes "