woohoo.. its good to be back.. hahahaha XD

sure! no prob! :D

Yeah guys watch the language! lol But seriously though. I'm all for speaking our own language but some people feel left out. I know for a fact Tekken Zaibatsu is filled with Filipinos and many non-Filipinos are annoyed for us filling the threads and no one understands. Just saying, gotta think of the other people you know?

Tama lang naman diba? (It's only right) lol

Well anyways. Rege, think I can ask a favor? If you got some time to burn in the arcades would you mind trying out some things for me? I'd try it here but we don't have the BR upgrade. I'm dying to know a few things lol. Thanks.

ohhh, i feel guilty for everyone!!! :(

sorry if i spoke in straight filipino... i felt guilty of doing that upon hearing what Yoshimattsu said, and now, Grey...

SORRY!!!! :( :( :(