woohoo.. its good to be back.. hahahaha XD

hahaha.. waw.. it was like.. a year i'm away in this forums.. hahahaha

hello YOT.. how's everyone??

Tekken 6 BR is cool... new sets of combo for yoshi.. hehehe XD

Welcome back rege....where are these new sets of combos you speak of?

i'm still practicing on it.. because its kinda revised combo compare to T6.. and i'm still analyzing the move list..

i'll try to post some soon.. if i'm in the mood.. hahaha

but you can watch some yoshi T6 BR matches on youtube.. i got some useful idea for combos back there.. the hard part is sometimes, there's a delay on executing some stances.. that's is why i need some time to practice on it before posting some juggles and combos in this site

Hey hey welcome back.

You get to play BR, that's awesome. Can't wait to try out the new moves myself.

Hope to see those new combos out. Good luck with the testing hehe.

Hi Yoshi-fan, I'm sure Yoshi-san is happy you're back on the site, hehe. :D

Really? You got to play Tekken 6: BR? That's cool. ^____^

hi rege! welcome back! haha...

I see youre a filipino too... HI!!!!

yea, i agree, BR is awesome, although I still need to practice...


BTW, your in the Phils. right? where do you play T6 BR? I play at G4, Boni High, and at Trinoma, how bout you?

@ rey

yeah.. its cool.. Lars Alexandersson also cool, the new character around... you should try it, oh i know you can't wait.. hehehehe

@ pris

yep, i played on it, it got released here in our place around last month of April... all they did was, they upgraded the T6 to T6 BR in the arcade... its kinda funny, the PS3 in the T6 is no ordinary PS3, its a way more upgraded version of PS3.. hahaha XD

@ yoshimitsu8861

hahaha.. hi po fellow pinoy tekkenista.. hehehe.. dito sa amin.. sa Time Zone ng NCCC mall lang ako nag lalaro, and its worth 18php per game.. para ka ng nag susugal... nag hihintay pa kami if mag papalabas din ng T6 BR ang SonicBoom sa Gaisano mall.. by the way. i'm from davao. .hehehehe.. taga san po kayo?


in NSS df+2, f,f+4, BT d+2, WS+3,2 B b+2,1 <-- if hits the wall.. use b+2,1 again!.. this works.. if it flies away to wall after b+2,1 quickly do KIN f+2.. hehehehe XD


to rege_89: hahaha... anlayo mo pla!!! DAVAO!! haha.. musta nman ang tekkenistas sa DAVAO? buti pti jan meron! haha... bkt, wala bang BR jan? dto kasi samin sa Luzon mejo marami na eh... taga Laguna ako, pero, naglalaro ako sa Timzone G4, TimeZone Boni High(serendra), atska TimeZone Trinoma... problema ko lng kc, d ao masyado makalaro eh... kya, khit alam ko juggles, kulang sa practice... klangan ko ng practice!!!

to Yoshimattsu: whats with the "hmmmm..."? hahaha...

oh, BTW, the "NSS df+2, f,f+4, BT d+2, WS+3,2 B b+2,1 <-- if hits the wall.. use b+2,1 again!" looks awesome! i'll try if this works...

"Hmm" Was for the foreign language....If people wanna say something that most of us won't understand, why post it for all to see? That's why we PM. :)

ohhh... rriiiiiiggghhht, soreee!! i'll translate it for everyone...

post a while ago...

to rege_89:hahahaha...i didnt know that youre far!!! DAVAO!!! haha... whatsup with tekkenistas in DAVAO? good thing there are some in there... why, are there no BR arcade machines there yet? here in Luzon, they are quite many now... I'm from Laguna, but, i play at Timezone G4, TimeZone Boni High(serendra), and at TimeZone Trinoma... my only problem is that, i cant play much... thats why, even though i know the juggles, i'm short on practices... I need to practice!!!

there... direct translation (may not sound that good...) ahehe... sorry about that Yoshimattsu... :D

No biggie...i just felt left out...Lol

nah, its fine, really...

well, I translated it, in case anyone wants to know what it means... haha...

Awesome thanks buddy