Tekken 6 Console Wishlist

Me too I'm kinda bummed

Yoshimattsu : Unfortunately 2-player co-op mode is only playable on-line......

This is soooooo unfair.. two player modes seem to have suffered since online gaming was invented... they should consider putting 'gamers with offline friends' on the endangered species list.

It's a conspiracy.. they're trying to isolate gamers so they're easier to control it's all an IMBOU!!!!


for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, which is most of you..here.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv51zeP03L4 That's the anime I got it from..

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Yoshimattsu : Tekken Tag was a cool concept and I loved being Yoshi and Kuni together!! Of the older games TTT is my 2nd favorite, right behind T3. I like your explorer mode idea, and I like the name, no need to change it.

Man, we think alike.

Tag was utterly amazing and its a shame that we havent seen another one like it. If only NAMCO would release this as a Download in the future.

One can wish.


I have heard talk of this as a matter of fact, but it could just be someone's pipe dream...