Tekken 6 Console Wishlist

Okay since we've been waiting forever for this game to release on the consoles, I just hope they have more additions. Except for the obvious which are more customs and better online play, here's an idea.

Recorder feature
Remember that thing in Tekken 4 where you can record your combos? I think there should be a feature where you can choose to record the whole match you play. It should save in the hard drive for easy access so it would be way easier to show match/combo videos online! Tired of setting up cameras and stuff.

Tekken Ball Mode
That was super fun back in T3.

Player profile
Well back in T5, your customs are saved in a memory card. So maybe you should be able to save your profile in a flash drive or something and play your profile in someone else's console.

Anyone else got ideas?

uhhh, how bout this?

-Explorer mode(name isnt that cool, try changing the name):
a different story mode for every characters... This mode allows their character to freely roam an area and fight opponents that appear, and continue to reach the end of the level (somewhat like Devil Within, but different for each Character)
areas, opponents, and storyline different for every character...

-Character Info:
Shows information, bio, and everything about each character... (like in SC3)

i'll add more if i thought of something else...

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I love Tekken Ball!! I still play it on T3 I really hope it comes back. Also maybe a real online head to head with no lags..

i miss tekken ball!!

How about a Tekken Tetris?? Imagine how cool that would be. :p

Hmm.. Has anyone mentioned tekken bowling? I liked that and I did like Tekken ball; but not as much as Tekken Force. Yoshi totally rocked on T-Force

Would be great if we could have all these things. :)

Tekken strip poker maybe?? Oh come ON.. I'm not the only one who was thinking it... Was I?? :blush

It could be kinda cool if they'd let you create your own character like they do in Soul Calibur... And let you choose any character's fighting style. Then we obsessive girls could create a handsome hunk of an un-masked Yoshi-style fighter and pretend in our strange little fantasies that it is really Yoshi with out his costume...

Umm... did I mention strip poker? :satisfied

yes Jembru, you mentioned strip-poker... hahahahahahahahaha!!! :D

Tekken force, Tag Battle, Gallery Mode, or the Explorer mode as yoshimitsu8861 said 8)

woah, i think i missed the tag battle... here in my country, some arcades still have Tekken Tag Tournament Arcade Machines, and many are playing it... I think they should make an update to that, or make it as a new MODE for the upcoming Tekken 6 for the consoles...

PS: explorer mode doesnt sound that good, i mean, not the idea, but the name...

anyone care to change its name?

Tekken Tag was a cool concept and I loved being Yoshi and Kuni together!! Of the older games TTT is my 2nd favorite, right behind T3. I like your explorer mode idea, and I like the name, no need to change it.

ok then, EXPLORER MODE it is!!! hahaha...

Tag Battle would be awesome. Also, online play is almost a given because it is being released on the xbox 360. I will be really dissapointed if we cannot play online.

Also, since the Tekken movie should be out in a few months, maybe have the movie viewable on the game!

the tekken force mode can be played with an character, not only Alisa playing the 2nd character... so, its not based on the story of Alisa...

also, NANCY is a character there you can control and play...

health items are still CHICKENS... hehe...

Unfortunately 2-player co-op mode is only playable on-line......

i thought they'll allow 2 players on it, using 2 controllers on a single console...