Making of a grand Yoshimitsu pic

Picture is even better close up! I wonder how the colouring is getting on. :)

yeah, youre right Sum...

Hello, lads 'n lasses.

To be honest, I haven't had time to work on the picture. I've been in dire straits with this java/sql-program I needed to create for school, just barely made it, and I've had a whole lot of exams to attend. Worry not, I've got only two exams left (re-sitting the Java-exam and attending UML-exam) and after that, I don't need to worry about school this spring. I'll get working on the mask-version right away and carry on with the colouring.

Apologizing for the delay, yours cruelly,
~ Kogamitsu

its ok... at least you'll still make it, right? :D

I can't wait to see the finished product!! My coloring hasn't been going well...I tried coloring in paint shop but I'm just not talented enough to do it on the computer, so I'll have to print it and use colored pencils. It doesn't help that my art skills are poor at best, but I always loved coloring as a kid so I figured I'd give it a whirl.

wow! I would love to see the results Yoshimattsu... good luck anyway! :D

First draft of the masked version:

I know it's horrible :P It'll be fixed, cleaned up and inked as soon as my thumb stops aching. A minor accident at the gym... :blush


It's badass!!! I'm impressed! I can't imagine how hard that would be to draw freehand...Nice work Koga!!

COOL......Nice work...
i wonder is yoshi smiling on that pic?

Koga, do you mean, youll still change? accdg to what you said at the bottom?

Eh? Change? O_o

I meant that I'll "clean up" the masked version by making the lines more accurate and detailed before using pens to ink it permanently on the paper, but due to he horrible condition of my thumb, it's not easy for me to hold a pen at the moment.

so, you mean youll just fix it? like that?

well, hope that thumb stops aching...


I just visualised Yoshi holding a wine glass in his left hand. :D

I just visualised Yoshi holding a wine glass in his left hand.
Hahaha, yeah, this would totally fit! :D
Chiller Yoshi XD

Hope ur exams went well, Koga. Java sucks btw...had to do an exam too...programming only easy stuss the exercises at least!! The exam itself was damn difficult -.-
Writing a fucking program which calculates logarithms wtf !?
I´m studying economics btw.....who came up with that idea...

Anyway, how´s colouring going? Maybe some other members here could try to colour it as well, Pris e.g. is really good at that ^^