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If I do start the FAQ, I don't want to make it by myself. I'm not that good of a writer. And I think that if there are more input, the better the FAQ gets. For now I guess I'll make a small one just to keep people updated until BR comes out on consoles.

I need to start taking notes lol. I have found so many interesting things playing these past months. I just never write them down.

That's great, Grey :) I bet all of us will appreciate it very much. :)

Then, if you allow me to do so, I can work on it to expand it, and then we can publish it as a joint work. I can also be your reviewer if you like, not that I know everything... I'm just quite "detailed" in the things I do, so you can be sure I'll check your work line by line. :)

At the same time, if more of you would like to take part in the process, we can arrange a separate site section for YOT Strategists and discuss the creation of FAQ there.
(This was my plan anyway, gosh... gotta make the new version of YOT eventually...)

Tensh, why not, try asking Grey his work for the FAQ... well, as what you said, you like to keep thing detailed...

Well, you can edit the work of Grey after receiving it for corrections, and with that, you can add the things you know, well, at least you combined everything you know, resulting into a better FAQ...

hope this suggestion works...


Wow was cleaning my comp and found these vids. These were taken about 5 months ago. Pretty old haha. Anyways check em out.

Hwoarang vs. Yoshimitsu

Roger vs. Yoshimitsu

These were the only two alive. I played at least more than 15 times this day but my friend's camera's battery died on me.

Thanks for posting your vids Grey. It's nice to see YOT members doing what they do best (myself excluded... I suck at Tekken, I'm just here because I adore Yoshi and think you guys and gals are awesome!!).

It was also really nice to read Tenshi's feedback too. I hope more YOTians will follow Grey's lead and post their Yoshi vids here (I have a Soul Calibur vid where I keep trying to make Yoshi say 'onion' until my boyfriend floors me... I'll post THAT if I have to, I mean, if it means people will post their own vids :P). By posting vids and letting the others here offer feedback and advice, it can surely only improve your abilities and isn't being the best we possibly can with Yoshi the reason most of us are here???

Yoshi forever!!!!!!

Beautifully said Jemma!!! I'm downloading your videos now Grey, can't wait to watch!!! I will definitely be recording some fights to upload, but it will be a bit before I have my new Yoshi Strategy...

Awesome videos!! I loved the low parry victory you had in the first vid, very exciting win!! Looks like you have some skilled friends too!! Your customizations are crazy cool, I loved that you could see Yoshi's skin!!!

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Jembru : By posting vids and letting the others here offer feedback and advice, it can surely only improve your abilities and isn't being the best we possibly can with Yoshi the reason most of us are here???

Yoshi forever!!!!!!

I highly recommend that you check out my Youtube page Jembru, you wont be disappointed. And seeing how Videos will probably be our main way of communicating (Seeing how I have a 360 as opposed to all of you PS3's :dontgetit), upload away people!! Sometimes visuals are better than words.... Im more of a hands on person myself.

Those Videos are decent Grey, so Im awaiting some of your BR Uploads once the game hits. I will gladly be doing the same myself come the end of next week. Everyone should expect to see some YouTube action come between the 28th and 30th.

I would also love to add in some of my own input to Tenshi's Tekken 6 FAQ. I will let my Video Skills do the talking to see if my help is a possibility. Let me know what you think when the time is right.


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Yo! Got something for you guys. Gamestop is hosting a Tekken 6 tournament for the midnight launch and we just finished preliminaries. They can't open the games yet so the prelims are on Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection. I made it to the midnight launch tournament so I'm happy. It's going to be the real Tekken 6 on release day so it's going to get crazy. Grand prize is the Arcade Stick bundle, really pushing to win that thing.

I played three times but my friend only uploaded two so far. Here's my matches.

Great videos Grey and nice job qualifying for the launch tourney!!! Looks like you had some stiff competition!!

Man.... I woke up with a major Migrane this morning. That GameStop announcer has to shut up already.... or at least give better commentary. I lowered the volume on the 1st video and muted the 2nd. YEESH!!

Decent display of skills Grey. I thought you were a gonner when fighting Jin. I shouldnt have assumed.... well played!!

Baek is also one of my more annoying matchups as I have nicknamed him "Poor Mans Hwoarang." :D Congrats on the Tourney Entry man, I wish you the best!!

Heres some input as far as using Yoshimitsu's counter.

Give yourself some more variety with the Soul Stealer and your Indian Sit arts. Your Back was turned too many times allowing Baek too many free hits. Some of my favorite Soul Stealer circumstances include:

**All commands listed below are based off of the Soul Stealer (1+4) connecting (I like to treat it like a Devil Jin/Paul Phoenix Reversal by holding Back/Away while inputting the command) resulting in a Crumple State

1+2, 1+2 (Sword Pogo into Headbutt)
DT+1+2, 2 (Nebular Burst)
3~D+3 (Ballerina Kick High Whiff/Low.... even better with an Ukemi as it Knocks them back Down!!)

And heres a nice string to connect if you can anticipate your Opponent performing an Ukemi right after the initial Pogo into Headbutt connects.... Im listing the entire string from the start:

1+4 (Crumple), 1+2~1+2 (Pogo/Headbutt), Opponent Ukemi's, FC, DT+1 (Samurai Cutter [or D~DB~B+1 as I prefer as it still works]), DT+1+2, 2

If you can get this entire string to connect, A: Your opponents health will drain quickly and B: Youre gonna get one hell of a reaction from the crowd. I HIGHLY recommend that you practice against some Ghost Data to get your rhythym down before capitalizing on an Human opponent.

At least Ghost Data is good for something, right??


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u could have done better in the first battles...

Can I have a link please Saikoro? Finding things on the net the hard way is not one of my finest skills.

Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZstoSqjimns

Jembru : Can I have a link please Saikoro? Finding things on the net the hard way is not one of my finest skills.

!! Sorry Jembru.... I feel like a total ASS for not replying to your message sooner. :| For further reference, my YouTube Page is linked my Signature.


Friend finally uploaded the first set of the replay data I made. These matches were around the first week of release date so they're kind of old. Oh well better than nothing, at least I get to show you guys. Hope you like it.

There's a lot but my friend only uploaded three. I have about 30 more replay data in my comp waiting to be uploaded. It takes him forever so I should probably do this myself.