oh really im worried and verry excited for TEKKEN 6 BR
really just look the new trailer:

look 1:01 ... argh i hope to see him alive

and poor christie by the way

With no doubts he's alive...

Just looks like devli jin is sucking the demon outside his sword or something. o_O?

Looking forward for a Yoshi VS devil story:yes

It was hard trying not to blink for so long but, yey!!! I saw him!!! And OMG this game looks amazing... I cant wait. Thanks for posting Haru!!!

This is better quality.
Awesome trailer. Damn, I need moneyyyyy, I can´t wait for that game...
Bryan vs. Paul ??? XD
That´s nice ^^ There might be a Steve vs Craig story too...referring to the T5 ending of him....or Steve vs Hwoarang ?
Nahh, he´ll be busy fighting Devil Jin :D
Just why won´t they make Kazuya as devil playable again -.-"

yay...the quality is good :O
wow, it will be released on october, right??
well we have to be more patience and wait...wait..wait

i will like to see steve vs Craig it will be interest but i think Craig is dealing with king and armor king -c-

Yeah, bryan vs paul was like a strange battle but intesresting by the way.
And i will love to see kunimitsu again(i know that she is not there but but oh well hope)


Is this true?? Honestly?? Why did I think September? I have been counting the days... Damn. This is so unfair...

btw.. great to see you back Haru-chan, though I STILL disagree with the Kuni thing. I would hate to see her back. Though, I also think the Yoshi-Brian rivalry is a bit old now too... We just have to wait. I HATE waiting...

Though, I also think the Yoshi-Brian rivalry is a bit old now too...

Why old? It hasn´t been solved yet, has it? Neither of the T5 endings were true. But it´s understood that Namco can´t just kill one of those characters ^^
But they could at least let Yoshi beat Bryan´s robo ass and then let him show mercy or something, just his "good" ninja thing :)

yoshi in the trailer

it really was cool seeing yoshimitsu, my fave, in the trailer, although, why did he appear in the vid FOR JUST 2 SECONDS, i mean, cmon! that was too fast! i can accept it if its 4 seconds (the longer, the better! :D )

QUESTION, is yoshi's vid connected to Devil Jin's vid?

ANYWAY, if devil jin is somewhat stealing/leeching the power of yoshi's sword in the vid, would that be the cause why yoshi's sword loses power? Also, would that result into a rivalry : YOSHIMITSU VERSUS DEVIL JIN : which would be a bit cool... And, will Yoshimitsu be the one who'll stop Devil Jin? :D

I also liked Asuka and Lili's Battle, and the vid wherein armor king, king and marduk is there...