Just letting you know...

We have shout back!!! That rocks!!! But, erm... you may have noticed that I haven't been shouting, kinda odd behaviour for someone who wanted the shout box back so badly. Well, the thing is.. it wont work on my computer (either of them, there are two here) not even on the library computers near my home :con

But... I think I know what the problem is and Sumsamurai is trying to help me to fix it... only, talking me through computers via the internet is a little bit like trying to train a tortoise to jump through a hoop. Maybe not impossible but it is a slow and very frustrating task.

Just felt I owed you guys some sort of explanation. There... I feel better now.

I can here Sumsamurai calling me.. 'Jump... come on... get the lettus... jump!!'

lol! you're funny.
(but you already knew that, so :p:p)

You think I'm funny?? Thanks (that's a compliment right??) but do you mean :D funny or :O_o funny? Well guess it makes no difference.. people point and laugh at me either way.

Anyway.. Sum has sent me a link that may be able to help me. Gonna try to do this by my self so erm... if the internet goes down in the next half an hour, you know it's just because Jembru used a computer without adult supervision... But!! Maybe I'll amaze myself and the world and actually get something right for once... oooh, this is kinda exciting nail biting stuff..


The shoutbox doesn't work on Internet Explorer just so you know. Try Firefox or something else.

The shout also works with Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2.

Here's a link to download Firefox. http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/firefox/

PS: Nice to see that it works on my PS3 too!

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Thanks Sum!!! It works on the PS3??? I didn't even think to check that... Ahaha... I will do that tomorrow. Would do it now only it takes me forever to turn the darned thing on (yes, I am THAT dumb around technology... hehehe).