Tekken6 BR High Quality Match DVD








File Splitter & Joiner



Please use filefront.com for it... rapidshare sucks, downloading files from there takes ages... :/

Just get an account. Rapidshare doesn´t suck, it´s the most used site for uploads, so it probably has the most files too.
I´d give u my rapidshare data, but it´s not my own either -.-

Hmm, filefront is free. Rapidshare is a paid service I suppose? (no thanks... I prefer not to use credit card unless its absolutely neccessary)

no need for credit cards there...I think u could also pay with paypal. But filefront being free...makes it worth a try.
Though I doubt the speed will be as good as with rs

Even though the speed in RS is really good... you have to wait 15 minutes to download next file. This is pretty irritating if you ask me. :)

rapidshare? filefront? mediafire?

which of these is the best for downloading such things? havent tried filefront yet...

sorry if I asked this question...

also, how could I use filefront.com when yous said that I should download it there? theres no link.... please tell...