Tekken Character Endings

Hrm... imagine if Heihachi's Tekken 5 ending was the truth. It would never happen of course, but it would be so horribly evil if it did. (With the exception of Jinpachi being launched off of course)

yeah cause the game would lose three chracters in one, unless something less then a mircale happend

Like they somehow managed to snap the chains and then survive the fall back to earth? =D

With the endings in Tekken (and mostly any fighting game for that matter), It's always so hard to tell what endings are true untill the next game comes out.

well two people can due to the devil grene, don't know about Jinpachi,

with that you have to wait to the next Game thing, just think which ending makes pure sence and then see if you are right when the next game comes out (simple as that)

Kazuya's Tekken 5 was sick,first we thought awwwwww,Kazy has a soft side,then he smiles,THEN,we're like,Oh S**t,jinpachi's gonna die!!

you know what the first time I saw that ending, I was crying for Jinpachi.....NOT:p

a list of which ones i like:

pauls tekken 3 (music slowing down near the end with him and the policeman, lol)

gons tekken 3 (cute, plus a twist with it being never-ending. my best friend said that when tekken 3 had just come out he watched the movie for 2 hours, just to find an end...)

kazuyas tekken 2 (nice use for heihachi!)

laws tekken 5 (running for his life with the cartoon-style fade out, lol!)

laws tekken 3 (compliments laws tekken 2, tho forests shrug looks kinda pathetic)

jins tekken 3 (first time you see devil jin)

more to come... can't remember them all now

Thus far I've enjoyed Bryan's T4 ending the most. A promise of a better future... I was emotionally much more immature back then, and I swear I cried.

Gon's looping ending was fantastic, yes, as well as Yoshimitsu's T3. I laughed my arse off because of the gigantic, cute mouse blowing up a mansion...

What mansion is that, by the way? Does anyone know?
Something to do with Manji Clan or is it just Bosko's hideout or something?

Yoshimitsu's Tekken 5 ending was pretty cool. He slices Bryan, (pauses), then he explodes and Yoshi mutters one of his cool robotic buzzy phrases: "Retribution".

well i always liked kings endings for some reason accept (tekken 4) guess why :p

One ending which got me excited a little (though for nothing probably) is Steve´s, where he watches a boxing match and Marduk interferes. I would be really cool to see a vid of them battling each other.

Also Dragunov's ending is pretty cool. He´s absolutely emotionless even when he extracts the devil from Jin while "he" (what´s the correct English term for that, I´m referring to Jin o.O) screams in pain.
The "white Angel of death" :)

My favorite ending is probably Yoshi`s Tekken 5 ending where he blows up Bryan Fury!
The funniest video that I like is Law`s Tekken 4 ending.

Anyway all Yoshimitsu`s videos are good:satisfied

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my fave endings always have been of law and paul

oh and also heihachi's tekken 5 ending. hilarious xD!
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