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Hi ! I enjoy playing Tekken 4 and 5, and SC2. My favourite character is Kazuya - cause he's easy to play with/handle, and - in second position - guys like him (fast punch). Raven is cool too, but too easy - where is the challenge ? while Yoshimitsu is quite hard to play with - and here's what I like in Yoshimitsu ("man, you cant' beat me with Yosh... Hell ! how have you done this ??!!?").
I'm French - that's why my english is a disaster, and 35-yo - that's why I'm so "old-schooled". These days I realize (well ... trying to) two cosplays, one of Nox, a character from a cartoon entitled "Wakfu", and another of Yoshimitsu, in his T5'costume - not the golden/green armor with glass helmet, the monk-like one with a great bamboo-hat... and Google guided me here.

Hey there! Welcome to the gang!!! It is always great when new members come along and even better when they introduce themselves (hey, I know there'll be someone reading this who is a member but never braved saying 'hi' to us... go on... Sushispitz did it!! :p).

Anyway... your English is not a disaster, seems really natural to me so don't worry. But I know myself how scary using a second language can be I mean... many of the people here don't have English as their first language yet they write so well... I don't know how they do it, I would be far too shy. So honestly, don't worry, if you make a few mistakes sometimes, no one will mind!!

So Kazuya is harder to play with than Raven?? You know, I always thought it was the other way around because so many people prefer Kazuya and he seems to have a lot of advantages over other characters (like my Yoshi- but everyone seems to have advantages over him :(). But I NEVER use a character besides Yoshimitsu so I don't even know how an 'easy' character feels (yet, I suspect that even my dog could win a few rounds with Lili).

Well, I hope you have fun here!

Hey Sushispitz !

Funny name :P
Welcome on board and have lots of fun here! It´s a nice group, mostly women hehe, but u´ll get used to that hehehehe. no no, everyone´s really nice here.

My best character is also Kazuya, but I like to play with lots of charas actually. Jin, Yoshi, Lee, Bruce, Asuka...

So you do cosplay ? Or did u just look around for images? ^^

Hey, would you tell me where u live in France? I´ve been in France before 2 times, a weekend with my uncle in Strasbourg to go shopping and stuff, he lives near the border on the German side and the other one was during the football champoinship in 2006 in southern France, Argel?s sur mer, c'est le nom de cette endroit ^^
Je peut parler un peu Francais mais pas tres bien, parce que l' y a longtemps que j'avais eu un chance de pratiquer ton langue (I bet there are dozens of mistakes in there already, sorry ^^)

Anyway, France is a great country with great people !! And I surely will go there again some time...never been to Paris before, so.... :P

Good...I have to say I also think Raven is more difficult to play with than Raven. And to the others, Kazuya also has weaknesses, it´s not like he´s the best chara, it´s just he´s cool!! :D
(personally think he has not enough low attacks and everything he does can be blocked too easily because his combos are mostly high or mid based too...)

Yo welcome.

Yoshi isn't all that hard to play. Just a little tricky hehe. Kazuya is way harder to master in my opinion, wavedashing is too much for me. I picked up Raven before. I didn't really like him as much before cause Yoshi called him a wannabe ninja lol. But one of the best players in the arcade is a Raven player and he makes my Yoshi look like the wannabe lol.

Well enjoy your stay.

:DThanks a lot everyone for your welcoming !

Jembru : well, it took me weeks to write this post. I'd like to congratulate my dictionnary !
Gattsu : hi ! I hope my english is as good as your french. We frenchies are not just unpolite and over-confident in our "gastronomie", wines and stinky cheeses, we're also lazy with foreign languages, even with the native one ! These days i'm living in Lyon. I've heard of Argeles-sur-mer cause it's a well-known seashore-town, never been there myself.
Cosplay : There's a national big convention / symposium / fair / every year in Paris, called the Japan Expo. As my wife is fond of "everything since it's japanese" (mangas, animes, etc ... are very 'fashion' these years : Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece rule !!) I'd like to go over there with her this year. I was looking for a cool character to cosplay. I've found Nox first, and then he reminded Yoshimitsu in his T5 costume. I was looking for detailed pictures of this costume when Google showed me THE YOT / manjikai site !
Raven : he was the 1st T5-character I've played with. His atacks did surprise me : potent and powerful, he can stay out of reach and attack from that far (these attacks where he vanishes in the air).
Kazuya : I like Kazuya-fightplaying since T4. His 'one-button' attacks are very potent and quite simple. His combos are not as complicated as others'.
Yoshimitsu : didn't like playing with him for a long time. Since a recent game-session : Yoshi did it ! Yes, he's tricky and unpredictable ! He's got 118 official techniques, and I suspect him having tons of secret ones ! Recently I've made the "Kamikaze" attack : when Yoshi's falling KO, by pressing blue+red (cross+circle), Yoshi disappears and re-appears behind his opponent ! Another one : when tackled, -don't ask me how - Yoshi has overthrown his opponent !
Funny name : "sushispitz" : yes, i'm a dog-fan (ah ! the famous french walksides dog-dirt covered : not only a legend !) and there are 2 shiba inu tring to conquer my sofa !

(note : when I say "easy" or "simple", I mean "thanks to a great amount of luck, a facetious god or an astrophysical event, I've achieved THE combo I've been aiming to after two dozens of attempts". The combo I really master is the one where I shoot the dust before big letters come and say YOU LOOSE !!)

hey! cousin de l'europe! je vais pouvoir parler a quelqu'un en francais ses vraiment super! bienvenue sur YOT!

Hello and welcome to YOT Sushispitz. hehe X3

your English is actually very good. but you know; some of us Brits are also quite lazy with foreign languages (Even our own.). Just, there's no need to learn any unless you want to live in that particular country and... Most of Europe can speak English any way. If one can speak english, they can travel anywhere. YEEAAHH!!! ^_^

Great luck with the cosplay. :)

Gattsu : I've heard about what's happened near Stuttgart. I hope all your relatives are OK. So, you're makng a Yoshi cosplay too ? Which one ?
Kagekiyo : Salut cousin ! When I won't find the right word, I'll write it in english pretending it's a clin-d'oeil @ my cousin from overseas he he !!

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Hey, thanks for ur sympathy. All ppl that were hurt or killed are strangers to me...but still.
It´s such a horrible thing, damn this asshole, can´t he just end his life and that´s it?!

but lets not discuss this...won´t be the last time this happens

Yoshimitsu, tasukete!!

Salut tout le monde / Hi everybody,
je voulais juste vous dire que / I just wanted to tell you that
mon cosplay de Yoshimitsu / my Yoshimitsu cosplay
avance bien / is going nice.
L'autre cosplay est presque fini / The other cosplay is almost finished
et m'a appris des choses utiles pour celui de Yoshi / and it taught me useful things for Yoshi's one.
J'esp?re que je pourrai bientôt vous montrer des photos / Hope I'll be able to show you photographs soon.
See you !
Ah j'oubliais / Hey ! I forgot one thing !
Comme je dois beaucoup au YOT / As I am indebted to YOT
j'ai mis le sigle YOT sur la main cybernétique de Yoshi ! / I've put the YOT logo on Yoshi's cyber hand !
(et sur un tibia mais ça se voit moins) / (and on a tibia too, but it's less visible)

@kagekiyo: woah?! ya speak french?! ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG hahaha...

@Grey: Sir Grey! hahaha... Raven? uhhmmm, at first, he looked cool... but after his low-look at yoshi as not a true ninja (well, FYI raven, he's a manji ninja, not just a regular ninja!) hahaha! XD XD XD Raven was tricky to use for me, but I found people who use them well and abuse the power of his flying kick thing in which he has a duplicate of himself...

Sushipitz: y0o0o!!! whattup?

yes i speak french i'm from the french part of canada.

Pierce(yeah, that;s me)= imma like woaahh?! :o wow, I didnt know that Kage


Sushipitz & any YOTian= what does everyone think of the cute yoshi on the forums page? the one standing in which it means that either new posts or no new posts... lool, I didnt admired it much, but it looks sooo cool (even kinda cute HAHA XD)


Welcome aboard :)

welcome to the forum ~