bonjour! Big SC fan here

if everybody becomes YO (yoshi obsess) and equal on that planet there won't be poor and rich so yoshimitsu will lose is job >:( , i say we take half the planet and the other half is for aventure in the "wild" non-YO side Xd.

Gattsu: just finish watching another day its pretty good but i wish there was more fighting, and more character. some of my favorite character in KoF where only there for 2 or 1 games , like Lin (KoF 2000)so they are not super important. there is a fatal fury anime also

But.. but...

Yoshi doesn't do his job out of the love of it. If we lived in peace he could retire end enjoy all the female attention he would get from the girls on this forum!!! I doubt he'd complain :wink

Right... kettle's boiled... I'm off...

The warrior as Yoshimitsu himself pursues his goal to make people realise they're equal in all aspects. He would gladly stop fighting the moment they realise this and, which is even more important, live the peaceful lives in harmony with nature.

But unfortunately, people live in chaos and do countless mistakes. So people similar to Yoshi are quite needed.

Anyway, if all the over-rich people realised they're actually unhappy with their possessings, and that it's the rich people's money which actually possess them and limit their freedom, they could possibly do something with their lives. It's sad that with all their possibilities, most of rich people show no interest to other fellow human beings.

Our Euro-American culture is full of mistakes. :/

For something to think about, this song:

is quite nice. The singer reminds me of Lili! :D Not only the name, but her appearance and the huge house similar to Lili stage. The similarity is striking. :)

lol at the dancer.

but would he? if i was him the thrill of fighting would never go away, i would probably create tournement just to keep fighting or do something similar i would probably get bored if everything was quiet and peacefull. long live the bad guy so we can kick there butt XD

Somebody once said that the greatest of skills in martial arts is to evade a fight. Do you think e.g. soldiers enjoy risking their lives in the battle? They would prefer peace...

Besides, being a fighter also means keeping ourselves in a good shape. Yoshi would not stop his trainings, surely he would engage in friendly sparrings with his clansmen...

But the presence of "bad guys" isn't good in any way... I guess you were lucky enough not to meet evil guys. :)

i did martial art for like 13 years and my teacher once said that" evade the fight is the best way not to get into one ". about risking their life, its crazy but some (not all of them) do enjoy the adreline rush of being in danger. did you know some people get tattoo and pierce just for the pain?

if we talk reality wise, absolute peace is impossible there is always gonna be someone thats gonna be bad or evil, so you need to keep fighting. like that paul stanley song XD: live to win! till you die! till the light dies in your eyes!

Hmm... still, I think Yoshimitsu is 'evolved' enough spiritually and mentally NOT to need to fight. I agree that many seek the 'thril' of battle but this is for the young, who have not grown enough to lose the need to impress others. Who knows though, maybe Yoshi was a little rebel in his youth (I can quite imagine) and maybe back then he did get into foghts just to 'show off'...

About the adrenaline thing.. sure people do get addicted to it but come on... Yoshi??? Really?? Surely he is more disciplined than to give in to such basic animalistic urges (unfortunately :blush).

Anyway... this is just my opinion and hey, it's not fair that it is 2 against one... come on.. someone reading this must surely agree with Kage's theory, aren't you gonna back him up???

I don't mean to be argumentative though -maybe I just do it for the thrill?? Sorry, I am just being silly now... will someone please come and remove my hands from the key board... come on guys and gals, I'll be typing all night if you dont. 'reply'...

I don´t think evading fights is the right thing to do. I think this is the source of many problems in this world, no, I mean the reason they still exist.

I´m not only talking about hand-to-hand combat stuff, but about "fighting" as standing up against oppression, discrimination, racism, greed, hunger and all those things.
Evading won´t bring us anywhere...

And even if it´s on the streets, when some drunk punks beat up others again, why not interfere ? Peace and freedom are nothing more than mere illusions anyway!
And even if it´s just for my own pride, I don´t wanna be a person that backs down, no matter what the consequences are.
Cause as soon as we see or know, we have a responsibility, that´s my opinion.

Furthermore, there don´t even have to be "bad guys". I know it´s a silly example, but do u think George W. Bush meant to bring all this harm to other ppl? I think he was trying to protect his country and thought he´d actually bring peace to the Afghans...
And he has supporters..had, okay. (Obama for mankind :yes !!! hehehe)
Anyway, u can´t win fights without´s just not possible!

Have u seen Rambo IV ?? Seriously, u should, I think that movie makes this really clear. Besides, Sly in action is always kickass ! Booyah !!!:D

Lets rock, Baby!!!

i'm a 100% with you gattsu, about the "other" side of fighting, like the beasty boys said: "you gotta fight for your right!" (to partayyyy, but lets forget that part XD)

jembru and tenshi, if yoshimitsu need is peace and want to live peacefully away from fighting, we should stop playing tekken. porr man we are making him destroy countless people with our skill :O (got ya there XD)

Yeah... you have a point. I guess we're cruelly forcing him to fight for us but I admit, I dont actually play for the fighting... (I am not at all interested in violence really). I play mosty just to watch that cute little behind wiggle!!! :p

hehehehe... though I dont play much at all right now :( Dunno why, maybe it's just the winter. I bet once spring is here I'll be watching that wiggle 'til my heart's content!!!

Hey Kagekiyo, lets team up and fight for our rights :P...also to party !! hehehe
Though I´d have to change my name, cuz it has to sound like a cool buttkicking ninja action guy XD
Dude, I should stop drinking so much coke in the evening, I always end up hyper :p
But it might also be those addictive licorice mint Mentos that taste so damn good!

Hehehe, just what am I talking about ?!

Can someone please make a more useful post now ^^" ?

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Hello and welcome Kagekiyo. (is that from Samurai ghost or are you the lucky few who've played namco vs capcom? I'm also a fan of Tara no Kagekiyo. ^^

LOL Tenshi. so you like Lily Allen? I like her to, she's very satirical and sarcastic and British btw. Yeah, that song is soo wanna be Bourgeois. - poor little girl wants a life in a crappy capitalistic country. - I'd love to read your opinion of Alfie's song. LOL OMG! It sure opened up a lot of issues in the home didn't it. XD

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kagekiyo is the name of the weapon i always use in SC its a white flag with japanes writing all over it

Oh then you must have no idea who I'm talking about. ^^

Check this link and learn who possesses the sword kagekiyo.: