bonjour! Big SC fan here

hi! i'm a 18 year old french canadian, i'm not a big fan of tekken but i'm a HUGE fan of soul calibur and i am known to be the Yoshimitsu player in my friend circle. i started playing with him in SC 2 but i become really good with him in Sc3/Sc4. my biggest fun is to find new or original combos with yoshimitsu. i'm participating in a youth volunteer program right now so i can't play any video games but i have acess to a computer and if i have acess to a computer i'm gonna come and check this forum time to time. i choose the name kagekiyo cause its my favorite weapon for Yoshimitsu (they got rid of "dha" in SC2 ;( ). so am really happy to join this community!

P.S: Raging fire! becomes burning embers...

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Hello there, Kagekiyo and welcome to YOT. :)

Though there's not too much about Yoshi in SC uphere, there's one article in Articles section that might interest you... I'll grant you YOT member title for you to access it.

Also, explore "Old YOT" and media links to find Yoshi storyline and download the ending movies.

I hope that in the meantime, SC content will grow a bit larger... personally I don't have SC so I cannot upload anything honestly.

Hey Kagekiyo!
Welcome on board, I hope u´ll bring some fresh wind into this great community :P
I play SCIII from time to time, when I´m at home at least, which I´m not these days
hehe. Anyway, Yoshi has some really cool moves in SC that are not in Tekken.

But that´s normal since it´s a weapon based fighting game.
Can´t play with Yoshi right now ? Torture!!
What kind of program is that ? ^^

Really pleased to meet you Kagekiyo!!!

I find it strange that people are more obsessed with Tekken Yoshi around here. Both are awesome in my eyes though.

It was Soul Calibur that first introduced me to Yoshi, a loooong time ago when I was in school (I am ancient by the way). My best friend was really obsessed with the original, dreamcast version of the game and whenever I went to her house after school, I would watch her and her brother play it together.

I dont even know if there is one single person on this forum besides me who will remember the original dreamcast Soul Calibur but there was this thing you could do on it, where you could substitute different characters in the opening credits. I remember, my friend and her brother called Yoshi 'The Gay Golfer' for reasons I still dont understand, and they used to substitute him for a girl in the credits... so that he would dance around with flowers and stuff... that's just what passed for entertainment when we were kids... :p

Anyway, it was a long time until I descovered Tekken and realised there was a Yoshi in that too (my head hurt while I tried to remember where I had heard that name before...) it was like love at first sight when I saw that Yoshi though.. nothing gay or golfer-ish about him at all!!! :D!!

Anyway, enjoy the forum and do feel free to post stuff! I am quite talkative so long as I am not the only person talking!!

NB.. just want to point out that no offense is meant towards anyone who is either gay or a golfer (or both!) So please dont come looking for me to beat me to death with your clubs...

The youth volunteer program is call katimavik, for nine month your travel in different province of canada 3 month in 3 provinces, so far i have been in northern Quebec volunteering in a kitchen, and right now i'm in B.C volunteering in a office at CNIB , a place for blind people to get help. its pretty fun

Well I agree that Dreamcast Soul Calibur Yoshi was a blast. :D SC2 a little less, SC3 can be and recent one looks nice.

But Tekken Yoshi was the first Yoshi, and Tekken 2 Yoshi is a pure win. :D With Tekken 6 customizations, I also think I'll get attracted to the game even more. :D

(Tenshi: yup, I see an anti-Bryan dosage approaching in Tekken 6 too... :D Except for the shotgun, that's just mint!)

Welcome on board, Kagekiyo! 'Tis plain excellence to receive new, active members on YOT. Sit back and enjoy your stay. I'm a hardcore Bryan Fury/Tekken fan meself, but I love the attmosphere and the certain 'poshness' that makes Soul Calibur what it is. Even if the Tekken Yoshimitsu is the original one, SC Yoshimitsu does provide crucial background and details to the mystery... wouldn't you agree? :)

of course, i kinda find him more fitting in SC because its a weapon fighting game. and the first time i ever play tekken i found all the character "slow" and i was fighting King, he punch me 2 time and did the screwdriver piledriver combo(yes the one that takes 90% of your life bar) and i was like: :( "screw this am playing Capcom vs snk again"

Hehehe... you'd get on so well with my friend then. She's the same, after years of playing Soul Calibur she just can't get excited by Tekken (and no amount of emotional blackmail helps.. it would seem).

Though she actually doesn't like SC2 at all. She was so disappointed when it came out and said they had ruined the game. It put her off playing SC3 until I bought it and made her try, she said that was a lot more like the original. But I dont know because when it comes to video games I am more of a spectator... Though, the PS3, as unloved and unused as it is, looks rather nice on my shelf. :p


Capcom vs SNK ?? Hehe, rocks too.
Though I prefer Marvel vs. Capcom, cause Wolverine is a really cool character to play.
Besides, I don´t know if I posted that somewhere before or someone else did...but there is one SNK character that is really awesome.
The name´s Rock Howard, great character ^^
And it´s soo obvious that T6 Leo is inspired by him. Okay, she´s a girl, but look at the similarity!!

And now Leo:

I hope Leo will be a cool character, I already like her ^^

O-M-G Rock howard is my favorite Snk character, The world is so small o_o.

Hey, that´s awesome !! :D He´s my fav too
Garou - Mark Of The Wolves!!! Hell :yes !!

Have u also seen the "Another Day" Anime ? About some SNK

nah i didnt see it but i heard about it, and Hell yes Garou mark of the wolf!! me and my brother still play on dreamcast, and with concentration and a lil bit of luck I can pull out the Neo-deadly rave :p i also use Freeman and Gato alot (omg Gato Punch SDM).My introduction is turning into a thread XD

Well, this is a Yoshimitsu forum, so there´s not that much space for talking about other fighting games or characters. So, it´s okay to do it here ^^
Gato is also great. I love that huge scar on his back and I tried to make Feng Wei look like him in T5, but it doesn´t really work that well :P

But most of them time I use either Rock or Terry, cuz I like their fighting styles ^^

Anyway, if u have time to check the Another Day Anime, here´s a link:

Planet SNK

I´ll see if I can find any hq versions later...

Edit: Ehhh...just noticed the vids don´t play. Maybe will on ur computer...but
guess utube is the only solution -.-""
Episode 01
Episode 2 is about Rock. ^^

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Well... I think there should always be room for socialising and getting to know one another on a forum. And surely an 'introduction thread' is the best place to share your non-yoshi related interests? I think, so long as the more specific parts of this forum stay on topic, there isn't really a problem. You seem very friendly Kagekiyo, you'll fit in well when the Earth explodes and we YOTians set up our own society on another planet (planet YOT of course)...

Or, if the Earth does not explode, you will fit in very well when YOTians take over the Earth and change its name (same story, different version I guess)...

Anyway, dont mind me... you just keep on talking while I put the kettle on...