Our local arcade just got the new Tekken 6 machines!!! It doesn't have the BR upgrade but who cares, it's awesome. It's such a beautiful game, everything looks so polished. Best part is we're regulars so we got some connections hehe.

Kiss my free time goodbye cause I'll be practicing my Yoshi 24/7 there now.

Lucky one ^^
Here in southern Germany, I doubt there are even arcade halls anywhere ^^"
So I´ll have to wait for the home editions

Oh I dont even wanna think about this.. It sucks so much. I am about an hour away from London right now... soooo close to T6... yet once I get to London I'll have no time to go and play. Life is so cruel. But I guess I have seen it before so I am luckier than some.

Wow... Gray wasn't kidding.. we dont see him much now so I guess he's really enjoying T6.

Also Gattsu... I'm beating your post count.. :p Hehehe... BRING IT ON!!! :D (Yes, I am immature, dont need to tell me).

Beat me ? Hahaha, ridiculous !!
I´ll kill u again for that in DTPA :p

Grey, which country are u really from?
If Guam has a T6 arcade, I´ll run 100 rounds around the block ^^
But I feel save yet hehe

Yeah been busy lately. I go to school and work now and on my free time I go straight to the arcades and play Tekken. Then when I come home I do homework and watch Tekken videos. Awesome schedule lol.

Gattsu : Grey, which country are u really from?
If Guam has a T6 arcade, I´ll run 100 rounds around the block ^^
But I feel save yet hehe

lol time to take your running shoes out. Technically Guam isn't a country, it's a Territory of the United States. A few of the employees at the arcade are big Tekken fans so they probably begged the boss to buy it.

Hahahaha.. that's so funny... Just think of all the exercise you're going to get now Gattsu! Though, you could always break it up and run a few times each day. But, why did you think Guam would not have Tekken? I dobt understand that part.

We need a list of all the T6 arcades in the world! That would be useful...

Anyway, I'll shut up now... after all, you have a lot of running to do. :p

Because I thought how can a small island have a T6 arcade ? Guam has T6 !?
That´s unbelievable -.-

Well, lost there. I can´t do it here properly, besides the fact that it´s raining here
I have my shoes and my gear in Füssen ^^ (for those who don´t get it, I am studying in Augsburg right now and also live there these days, but I´ll return to my hometown soon)
But I won´t take back my words, I promise!

Yay data cards came in. Bought one for Yoshi of course. They're expensive though, the arcade sells them for $10 each. Isn't it enough I spend $5 a day on the damn machine?

In any case can't wait to get enough money to trick out my Yoshi. They're very expensive though, around 100,000 gold for good items, and you can only get around 1000g a win and 500gold a loss. One thing that pisses me off is that you can't see what you're going to buy. The customization pics aren't complete either. I think he has almost a dozen different armor sets and I want to try out every single one lol. So much to buy, so little money. *sigh*

I'll post up a picture when I get him looking the way I want hehe.

I KNEW there was something Gattsu was meant to be doing!!! I had forgotten all about this. He still hasn't done his running and I had the perfect chance to make him do it recently... damn... who knows when we'll next meet... but when we do... :D

since this topic is call sweeet and its general discussion, i just didnt want to create a new one so:

i might get kick out of the volunteer program im in, so that means going back to quebec home, i have problem with trust and depression some time, so i think posting it on a forum could help me , basically i got really depressed and pop a painkiller that i had from quite a time, they we're not intended for that so the program see it as drug abuse. so yup going back to PLAYING SC!!!! wich is sweet but missing the 1000$ bursary is kinda not sweet. there no lying all honesty.

the moral: when you feel bad omg talk about it, dont pop a pill XD

Well....I have much experience in this particular matter, I have turned to drugs to cope with the bad things in my life far too many times. I'm sorry you have to suffer because of one moment of weakness. I have had several people throughout my life that suffer from depression and worse, so if you ever need to talk to someone who has made many many more bad decisions than you have, PM me. I'm always around to listen, especially for my friends here! But hey, at least you can look at the positive....More Soul Calibur!!

It's all good man. Everyone has their ups and downs. Depression really sucks, it's hard to get over it. It helps to talk about it though. You just need to let it out. To whoever or whatever. Holding it in is bad, you might end up doing something you didn't want to.

Just find something uplifting. When I get depressed I just listen to my favorite music and sing super loud because I relate the songs to my problems and everything's fine. I'd play Tekken but I'm scared if I lose too much it would just make it worse lol.

The moments of depression and disintegration are painful but eventually good if only you can make good uses of them. Look at it as a moment of transformation of your principles. Many things you didn't previously notice might become more important, other things which you paid too much attention to and which caused pain - become less important.

Generally, depression usually comes when you feel that either you or your surroundings don't accept you. You are the Child of Earth - there was a reason you came here. Accept yourself - from biological point of view, you're perfect and fully fulfill your genetic potential. Your spirit might feel otherwise and you've got to think "why?" (maybe somebody told you so and you blindly believed?). As long as you learn, commit mistakes and learn from them, there's everything just the way it should be. You have your mission which you've got to discover (and you will eventually as long as you keep searching). And - remember that you are what you think you are, and if somebody managed to hurt you - it's only because you allowed him/her to do so.

Think positively. Think not "what I did wrong" but "what I could do better". Don't separate yourself from your environment - rather try to understand/accept everything and everybody, it gives much strength.

And don't regret the past. In the past moments, remember that you made the best choice possible in the situation you were. You thought everything over carefully, and if you were to repeat that decision: it would be the same.

Focus on "Here and Now", because only "here and now" the change occurs.

Amen, yeah! ^^

Woah, thanks alot tenshi, i finish reading peaks and valleys the other day it pretty much translate to what you said. thanks alot

on another note: me and my friends are gonna play D&D fourth edition, using video game character to try to beat orcus the biggest badess monster in the game, we already got Kratos and lucca from chrono trigger, i hesitate between Conan, ganondorf, and arthas menethil, (no yoshi cause recreating all the teleporting and suicide stuff move would be complicated) any suggestion?