New T6 Bloodline Rebellion trailer out !!!

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I saw the room! VERRRY NICE!!!!

Can´t wait for Tekken 6 br looks so awesome. look if your favorite character have become a Top tier

Tekken 6 Br tier list

Well......unfortunately Yoshi is my (now and forever) favorite character, so not really super happy he found his way to the bottom again....But I can handle it. Underestimation can be a great weapon!!

using a character in mid-tiers or low-tiers sometimes has advantages, since they arent that used in competitions, opponents will have to analyze hard their opponents movements to fight back, since they need to adapt to their opponent...

an example would be, I playing Yoshimitsu, against Asuka users(from where i plaY), they have hard times reading my attacks since they dont know how YOsshi attacks, which is an advantage...

and yeah, I agree with Yoshimattsu, UNDERESTIMATION can be a great weapon...

PS: if you analyze the tiers, eddy and christie are on different tiers, how come?

This character ranking is nonesense if u ask me...
Armor King better than King?! And Anna being a C rank character ??
And Steve is the best of all...hmmm, weird.

Don´t think there´s much truth behind this rating...

Hmm.. I dunno actually. I guess some of it must surely come down to the unique skills of the player when matched with the character. Like, when I used to horse-ride a lot, some horses were 'better' than others in terms of abilities but different riders would work better with different horses some were a great match and did well together while others clearly had a personality clash (most off-topic.. make your vote count... vote Jembru!! :p) so maybe it is so with Tekken too??

Yet though I am not exactly a Tekken expert (I know I have really impressed you with my awesome Yoshi skills Gattsu ;)) even I can see that the distribution of strength/moves/general awesomness is kinda unfair. I dont think the characters are very balanced. That said, though I am beyond hope when it comes to video games, I am kinda glad Yoshi takes a little more skill than most other characters to master, it makes him more rewarding to play, especially when he beats a so-called higher tier!!! hahaha... feel my sword suckers...:p

The balance isn't great, but I have to say it's better than most...That being said, I think only the players who can consistently play perfectly without making mistakes ever are the only ones affected by these tier lists....Since 99% of Tekken players aren't the top players in the world, I wouldn't put too much stock in these tier lists. You're right about the horses Jemma, I rode English Showmanship, Contesting, and Western Bareback competetively growing up. I agree, every horse is different, some really love to run, some enjoy showing off and being in the spotlight, and then there are some who would much rather you didn't bother them with such things and just let them eat and sleep in peace. Nice analogy!! :)

well, why do they make these tiers after all? I mean, would a tekken player be affected if he/she sees his/her fave character as mid-tiered or low-tiered? CMON!

no matter what tier yoshi is im gonna play him that is for sure. Besides a started with king i was only 5-6 years old and picked him all the time because i simply like the character, by the way yoshi was the second i ever played