New T6 Bloodline Rebellion trailer out !!!

Hey guys n gals !

Check out this new trailer on!
It´s kickass !!! Totally awesome !!
Can´t wait until the release...oh wait!
I need a PS3 first anyway :P
Or an Xbox360 ?? naaahhhh hehe


It is going to be awesome!!! It would be out this month of course if it wasn't for xbox but I'm not bitter... no... not at all... :((

Anyway... if you dont get a PS3 or the cheaper, cool, but clearly evil xbox 360 you could always visit a friend who has one!!! I'm sure that friend would be happy for you to use their PS3 for a 48 hour non-stop tekken-athon... maybe a break for a few hours' sleep followed by another 48 hours of non-stop play!!! :wink

hehehe ^^
U can count on that :P

i have a question... how did microsoft XBOX 360 have "TEKKEN 6"? i mean, no tekken games appeared in the XBOX and XBOX360 yet, right? ALso, it was almost concluded that Tekken is an exclusive for the playstation and the arcades, although Tekken advance was an exception...

but the question is, its the first time for the XBOX to have tekken, right? then howd they get it?

(at first, I thought that PS3 would be the only console which will have Tekken 6...)


The D-Pad on the 360 controller sucks anyways. I have a 360 and I'm not even gonna try it. Tekken is worth the one time $400 ps3 purchase to me. I am also very disappointed that Namco would even consider allowing Microsoft this title!! Maybe it's just a sign of the times, but it still pisses me off. Sorry for the off topic rant. The trailer looks awesome, I need to play this game!

Again, a new trailer, showing gameplay!!!! AWESOME !!!!
DAMN!! This game is gonna be the best fighting game EVER XD
Feng uses a bo while Bob got a....hat XD hehehehe

whoa, gotta watch this again...

thanks for the link Gattsu!!!

I saw some people complaining about how T6 looks "just like all the others" and I must say I totally disagree! The game looks amazing! I can see hundreds of animation changes and the graphics look intense. People need to recognize this game for how epic and totally badass it is!

well, many characters in tekken have new sets of animations like attacks, poses, and especialy stances... not only Yoshimitsu, but also Law changed his stance when fighting... most punches/slaps/chops/jabs done are now 10 frames, except ganryu, which has 12 frames...

and yeah, GRAPHICS ARE INTENSE! movements are smoother...

Did you see the screen shots from the PSP version? They also look crazy good considering the capabilities!

Actually, when they do a PSP version of it, why not bring a PS2 version as well?
I mean, graphics are better than on the handheld...
For guys like me with no money nor a life (XD just kidding....or aren't I o.O) it would be perfect. A PS3 without a HD TV is kinda pointless anyway, because it will just look like PS2...
They just want us to spend money for the PS3 ^^""""

Hmm, I think I´ll play lottery today :D

That's funny because I also lack a life, job, or money of any kind. I live in a house with my grandma, girlfriend, and cousin, and he has a giant HD tv, and just about every system since Atari (excluding Dreamcast, Neo Geo, Jaguar, and Sega CD). I will be moving out soon and I'll need my own HD tv and PS3. Not to mention the psp! I guess I need a job. I agree that they should make T6 for PS2 also, why exclude anyone? I'm sure people would buy it.

nice yoshimattsu! then that means you have so much consoles! :D

then that means, you really like games! haha, my first console was the ps1! haha!


anyway, I do agree to that too... why not place a PS2 version too!!! YEAH! :yes

and, ive once tried playing the PS3 of my friend on a simple TV(but they have an HD TV too, which is nice), it doesn't look very good... meaning, PS3 users really need to buy HD TVs to fully appreciate the graphics...

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I wish those consoles were all mine!! I only own a ps2 and a 360 at the moment. But yeah my cousin is crazy about his video games and movies. Lucky for me at least for now that I get to play all his stuff. I should post a pic of his game and system library...You wouldn't believe it.

Hehehe, yes, please do that :D
I´m curious about his gaming room XD