Question regarding MED 3+4~BT d/b+1+2 timing

MED 3+4~BT d/b+1+2~3 is uninterruptable if opponent blocks the first attack, and juggles on hit.

The problem is, the timing of this attack is ridiculously strict. If input the d/b+1+2 too early, u get d/b+1, and if input too late, u get d/b+2. It seems that there's only about a frame window where d/b+1+2 outa MED 3+4 would come out, assuming you are doing it during the MED 3+4 recovery.

The usefulness is there, but the move's very hard to do... Is there any tricks to make it easier while not delaying the d/b+1+2? 0_0

(KYG, it's gonna be a hard one for ya. :dozingoff:love)

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Well, can't you just hold on 1 while Yoshi is in the middle of backflip and then mash D/B+2? :D It should help...

EDIT: if you have 1+2 bound then do it MED 3+4~[1], and at the end (just after Yoshi's legs touch the ground) mash 2 or 3 times D/B+1+2. If you get d/b+2,2,2,2s it means you didn't press d/b+1+2 or d/b+2 at the same time.

But the first example is more reliable. The first example might be even written like this: MED 3+4 [D/B+1], 2 (meaning: hold on D/B+1 while backflip animation and mash 2).

Anyway, it should be pretty easy after some time.

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but if you do the same, and mash 2 before the supposed timing, it would come out as BT d/b+1. :| It took me a while to realize the randomness of d/b+1 and d/b+2 even after the buffering method (which I use it all the time), as well as the button-mapping (R1). be it d/b+1 or d/b+2, it can be done by d/b+1+2. The time of input is what makes one, but not the other to come out. :dontgetit

I think I will abandon the thought of using it in my game. If I happen to use it, I might just play safe and use the non-jf version. :cry Btw Tenshi, how are you doing lately? Haven't heard from u for a while.

Nono... as soon as Yoshi starts his backflip (at the very beginning), press D/B+1 and hold it motionlessly. Then mash 2,2,2,2... it should come off any time. If you press and hold d/b+1 too late, indeed Yoshi will go for sword slash BT...

Well, I'm fine, just a little bit busy with my job. It's good though that my job will allow me to make better YOT :D However, I don't have much time for Tekken now. I'm planning a come back as Tekken 6 hits consoles. There are no good arcades in Poland :(

I will give it a try tonight. thx, girl. :)

Yeah, SC's got a better connection than T5, so hopefully they learned how to make the online game more tolerable in T6 so we can actually play semi-seriously, haha. Hope to see you around. Good luck w/ this site too! (you are doing a great job already, btw) :yes

EDIT: got it to work. I noticed that you can buffer the button early, but the direction and 2 have to press on the recovery frame. Thx, girl. It worked like charm! :D

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