Character creation challenge

I got this idea from a MotU-forum I visit quite so often. We hold character creation challenges every now and then, and I thought I'd bring a challenge here, too.

The challenge is: "You as a Tekken character"

The idea is to make yourself a Tekken character, with biographies and background stories and stuff (when making the story, imagination is a wonderful tool).

Is anyone taking the challenge?

Sounds crazy! Crazy enough to catch my interest. :P

But; Your description is a bit lacky. More info about what you had in mind, please. Are you imagining something similar to your "Brianna Fury" with edited real life pictures, drawings, just text, what..? :con

- Let hear, and i might happen to give it a try..? :D

Umm.. how about this:

"Use any technique you wish. A photo, drawing... everything goes when it comes to (insert something that rhymes here.)"

Still thinking... I'm veeeery confused you see... Hmm!? (runkkari, runkkari!!! :()

UnknownDNA : Still thinking... I'm veeeery confused you see... Hmm!? (runkkari, runkkari!!! :()
Erm... are you aware of what the word means? :dontgetit


Okay, okay.

I've finally finalizedmy idea, and here it is:

Name: Reese
Origin: Unknown
Fighting Style: Manji Ninja Arts and Immense Psychic Abilities.
Age: 397
Height: 1,80 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Occupation: Learning Ninja Arts
Hobby: None Yet
Likes: Yoshimitsu, Strawberries & Ice Cream
Dislikes: G. Corp, Water

In late 1970's, an unknown space vessel crashed on earth. The G. Corporation, that soon learned of this, soon lead a team to the crash site to claim the vessel. While exploring the vessel, the team came to discover an unknown lifeform - a living alien! Rughly sustained, the alien was brought back to an underground research facility in Nebraska. Unable to aid the creature with medical assistance, the G. Corporation had to face the fact, that the creature would not live for another week.

The alien, which they thought few days from death would, all the sudden show to be fully alive and sparkling. Unaware of how this came to be, scientists carried on various experients and came to learn, that the creature possessed highly sophisticated psychic abilities - including highly evolved regeneration abilities. The creature was ever since the crash kept secret from the public, and hence, being a top classified project, they baptized the creature with the codename; Reese.

Friday, 25th of December, G. Corporation facilities was raided by groups, led by one known as Heihachi Mishima.
During the assault, the Tekken Force squad was obliterated by another of G. Corps projects; Kazuya. Shortly thereafter, the facility was burnt, and the speciment awoke from its hibernation. Covered in flames, the creature broke out of it's stasis tank and fled the burning scene.
The alien, which found itself lost and all alone, would now seek out for aid through its psychic abilities. Miles away, another soul was suddently confronted by an unknown voice in his mind, a voice calling for aid. Then, the voice vanished and only silence remained.

With years passed, and the strange episode long gone, Yoshimitsu is yet again to find himself experincing the very same voice in his inner. He suddently recalls the earlier happenings, and come to recognize the voice. Though, unlike the happenings years back, he is now caught in a much stronger, much more concentrated and almost aching state of mind. But, like before, the voice again comes to vanish from his mind. Now, being with a clear mind, Yoshimitsu suddently feels the prescence of someone nearby. He turns to find himself confronted by a tall shape, covered in darkness and with red, glowing eyes.
Yoshimitsu soon learns of the aliens story. Faced with this, Yoshimitsu offers the creature his aid; A promise he soon will come to realise becoming his toughest challenge yet!

G. Corp which has learned their speciment survived the inferno now seeks out to find and claim it back - no matter the cost.

Well, lemme know what you think about it :) - Hit me! :D

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Not bad, u-DNA. Did you come up with that all by yourself? Now, may we see a pic of Reese? :D

Here's my attempt:

Name: Brianna Fury (orig. Grendel)
Country of Origin: USA, family roots in the Nordic countries
Fighting Style: Kickboxing and immense strength
Age: Deceaced in the age of 27
Height: 165cm
Weight: 57 kg
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Ex-Interpol detective
Hobby: Bodybuilding
Likes: Bryan, darkness and sweat
Dislikes: Crowds, bright lights and cowardice

Do not read if you are reading / going to read my stoy "Path of Endurance"

"Brother's guardian"
Brianna was born ten years before her brother Bryan. Their mother died giving birth to him, their father sunk into alcoholism, so it was up to Brianna to put things back in order. To take care of the household, she quit school in the age of 13 and became soon a stealthy pickpocket and a thief. She was also introduced to Bruce Irvin by a mutual friend, and after hearing of her problems, Bruce offered to teach her kickboxing. After learning the basics, Brianna developed a style of her own that was very different to Bruce's.

Alcohol made their father act violently. Brianna did her best to keep his fists away from Bryan, only to get a strike from a half-empty beer bottle. The pieces of glass damaged her brain, altering her behavious radically. Brianna, who once had been shy, modest and kind, became rude, psychotic and violent in one night. She spared only Bryan from her hatred.

In the age of 17, Brianna stole her father's car and fled from their home with Bryan, after realizing the father had attempted killing them. Ending up in Detroit, they started a new life. Brianna taught Bryan her style of kickboxing and got an everyday job as a bike messenger, but after nearly gotten caught by the police for breaking into the Mishima Zaibatsu Detroit HQ, Interpol got interested in her skills and recruited her via Lei Wulong.

After busting a major drug ring, Brianna got a threatening message from them, saying she'd be killed soon. Not many days afterwards, the remaining hitmen of the ring broke into her apartment and slaughtered her in front of Bryan, who managed to escape in the nick of time.

Fourteen years later, Brianna felt a tickling sensation all over her body. The sensation became pain shortly, but that moment she realized she was alive again. She had been re-animated as a cyborg in a similar way as her brother had been, two years before her. She was ordered to go and assassinate her creator's two worst rivals, dr. Abel and dr. Boskonovitch, and to destroy whatever creations they might've come up with.


Brianna Fury
Brianna (25) and Bryan (15)
Brianna re-animated

You may read the full story of Bryan and Brianna from It's called "Path of Endurance". :)

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Damm, nice and great job-both of you. And to Kogamitsu-please edit your post so that the spoilers for your story won't be seen (it's great, I must admit. BTW-update if you can,OK). That lil thing in Bryannas bio were to bee seen, but those are spoilers either way, so please do it for the others.

Thanks alot, you too. And probs to you too, Koga'. Bryanna sure seems tough! (I'll have a look at your story l8r) ;)

As for that pic; Yeah, well. That may be a bit of a problem for me. primarily i haven't got a scanner or similar, so a drawing might turn out to be rather troublesome to post.
As for my inspiration; My main inspiration source was, in fact, Yoshi himself! ;) In his blue costume form, that is. Besides that, i'm a big fan of science fiction; And so i came up with the idea of a highly evolved alien. Tekken already got all kinds of weirdos who, somehow don't really fit in - such as deamons, animals and so forth - So why not add an alien to the rooster? :D
But as i said, Reese looks very similar to Yoshimitsus blue costume, just a bit taller. He might turn out diffrent when i get a picture done. But the blue suit remains my inspiration source.
Reese is a Yoshimitsu/protoss-hybrid. Ninja techniques combined with immense psychic abilities.
And just like Yoshi, this "guy" also has a weapon. But inlike Yoshi, my idea was a blade made out of concentrated psionic energies - just like the Protoss Zealots seen in StarCraft.

Well. I'll try to fix a picture sooner or later. My drawing skills ain't that great, but i'll give it a shot anyway.
- As long as it doesn't have to look human it may turn out just fine. :D I'll see what i can do. ;)

Btw. I just noticed you mentioned AvP2 as being one of your favorite games?
- I'm a big fan of that universe myself, you see! I've played it all since AvP1 was released. I just... Love it! One of my absolute favorites through times! :love
- What class/race was your favorite, and which did you play? :D


Ps. I'd like to see a battle between Reese and Bryanna. Those two would be awesome to merge into the same story IMO! ;)

Ahhh... AvP2 and the looooooooooong nights (and the early mornings...:dozingoff) with it. I used to play it against my big brother. He was always a marine soldier and I was always a Yautja (predator, in plain English). Haven't played it for some time now, but I'm definitely gonna try it again one of these days. I'm a fan of the Yautja (they remind me of Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu :D)

Reese and Brianna in a battle... phew, Brianna'd get her butt seriously kicked. I tend to think that a physical fighter - such as Brianna and Bryan - wouldn't have much of any chance against a psychic fighter - such as Reese and Yoshimitsu. :D

Geez. You should have tried the first AvP. Much darker, much scarier and much, much faster! The Yautjas were true cetanu's! xD
Hah.. I remember i used to call myself Yautja Guan (predators night) back then. After a while, playing i became member of a clan called Species Slayers. And boy did we have fun! Somewhere in between i found myself gaming 24/7. Aah, yes. The good ol' days! :D
Unfortunetly, i never really got to play against my RL friends. Though, i met a guy there. Which later on became my best friend. He was one hell'ave player too. He even managed to beat one of the best clans; "The Blitz" - all alone. I, myself, never had a chance against him when we played. I usually ended up trying to run away from him - unfortunetly he, of course, played either sniper or runner - so he always caught me. xD Or at least his bullets did! :P
Oh well - the talking has no end. :D

- But if you're up for a game sometime, that would be awesome! ;)

Bout the "Bryanna vastaan Reese" fight. (:D) Sure she's more the assault type rather than a psychic one, but i'd bet she'd do just fine. Besides; Reese has trouble fryin' the brains of a cyborg. xD
Plus; Yoshi will sure teach him to fight fairly. Hence no throwing people around through psychic abilities, causing 'em mental feedback etc. (Yohsi tought him his Ninja techniques for a reason, you know! :p).

Name: David
Country of Orgin: Israel
Fighting Style: Krav Maga
Height: 180 cm
Weight:81.8 Kg
Body Type: A
Occupation: Ex-Isreal Military Defense Force and current Teacher of Krav Maga
Likes: Seeing his students progress throught the rag
Hobby: Perfecting his techinque
Dislikes: People who dont listen
A teacher of Krav Maga later founds out that his school was bombed the day he was sick and the day he told the assitant teacher to take care of the school. He then found out about the Tekken tournament and joins hoping to win the money. THinking that the money will help make Israel a better place with the money

... I think I overdid

Not at all, Kozlov. I think Tekken could use more philanthrophists than just our Yoshi-boy. :)

right my turn

Name: Fastlegs of Fury
Country: UK
Fightting Style: Wrestling and Parkour
Gender: Female
Height: 160CM
Occopation: Police Cop
Likes: WWE, peace and quiet
Dislikes: war

Fastlegs of Fury entered the last tournament to get back at the mishmia Zaibatsu for what they did to her friend, but was unlucky, by lossing to Lei Wulong in the 3rd round.

Lei Wulong Give Fastlegs of Fury some information, that her friend was acturlly a terriost and was not really part of the secret services.

Fastlegs was full of anger, Lei Wulong looks after Fastlegs of Fury and Fastlegs becomes a cop, Fastlegs also learns parkour which is a movement style to combine with her wrestling skills.

one day Lei Wulong hears some disstrassing news that Brianna Fury had come back to life thanks to the work of Dr Ashford and Dr Abel, but soon enougth Dr Ashford had fallen out with Abel and Brianna Fuy Kills him.

Brianna Fury goes on a rampage to make everyone in the wrold zombies.

Lei Wulong hears the Brianna Fury was going to infretrat the tournament, and turn everyone into Zombies, and make the Mishmia Zaibatsu her place to make the world full of Zombies and have world domination.

Fastlegs of Fury enters the tournament alongside Lei Wulong to help stop the fury of Brianna.

ok picture up in the from of a pixal ID card, thanks to LadyFury from deviantart for this.:)

oh and to save my self the trouble.

Fastlegs of Fury is property of me (C)
Brianna is property of Kogamitsu (C)
Dr Abel and Lei Wulong is property of Tekken (C)
Dr Ashford is Property of RE (C)

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ill do it
well ill make a character