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I know probably everything about tekken but why , oh , why can't us who are new to this site do certain things?

We protect certain areas from public access due to material thefts and similar violations. Only those who are truly active and 'worthy' members, in lack of a better word, are authorized to a higher level of access.

And with all due respect, anyone who claims to know everything about anything are most likely very mistaken.

LOL! Did you find this site via Tekkenpedia???? Translations on that site were taken from here.

Do us a favour and link in your sig to our site, not that pitiful, arrogant thieves of Tekkenpedia. We don't want more traffic to them.

EDIT: I wanted to promote you to YOT Members, but after reading your blog post, I'm in doubts.


Please post some more and we will see.

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