Dragon Ball: Yo! The Return of Son-Goku and Friends!

Hey guys n gals !

Since I´m sure a lot of u used to watch or read Dragon Ball and the further
series and enjoyed it as much as I did, I wanted to show you the new
2008 Dragon Ball anime, which was done for jump´s 40th jubilee.

It´s funny and good to see those guys again ^^
I´ll post u links for RS ;)

Language is japanese of course, but there are English subs.
Goes about 33 min. Could have been longer :P

Tell me what u think ^^


Man it took me AGES to get this to load... my laptop must have caught my cold...or maybe he's just tired from being over-worked into the early hours of the morning... why am I saying 'he'? how does one tell the gender of their computer? Please don't anyone answer that...

Anyway... what did you mean 'used to watch'?? Dragon ball Z will never get boring. Hey, if it wasn't for this anime I'd never have made friends in Japan (I bonded with some guy over DBZ on the Narita express only 40 minutes after landing in Japan.. and we were close friends the whole time I lived there...). Though I don't like the games... they are just too confusing for me. My ex tried to make me play it when we were together and I thought I was having some sort of seisure... lol

Well, but it´s been 12 (!) years since we´ve heard anything from DragonBall. And I don´t really watch the series anymore, cause I know all that happens :P

Hmm, I think rapidshare has restricted its download speed for free users, that might be the reason why it took u ages ^^

So, did u like it ?? I think this is one of the most funny things in DB history ever, so many jokes in there :D
And Tarble´s wife hehehehe what is that ?! :P

For those of u who don´t care about quality or size, u can watch it on youtube too. Just type in the name + part 1, then u´ll find it.

Now I hope that they make more such movies !
After all, Goku said "See ya!" at the end :D

Well... it was an anniversary movie so maybe in another 10 years they'll make another?

My ex would LOVE to know about this but I haven't told him because I'm quite possibly EVIL...

Also... did you see the little babies wearing nekomimi??? They were SOOOO cute (despite having a distant resemblance to the NOVA Usagi -evil NOVA corporation grrrrr) I now wanna adopt triplets so I can dress them like that! :D I'll call them kit, Kat and umm... Bob... ^x^

Huh ?? No I didn´t see them...
When did they come up ?

I just watched it again so I could explain which part it was but you know what? I'm not gonna... You'll just have to watch it again yourself and watch out for them. A lady is pushing a pram that looks more like a shopping trolly and there are 3 little babies wearing white nekomimi... Then mummy looks up then everything goes boom! That's all I'm gonna say....

okay okay
I saw them :P
kawaii desu ne ? ^^

Ne!! ^x^ atashi mo totemo kawaii kodomotachi da to omou!! Hoshii yo!! ('Right! ^x^ I think they're really cute kids too!! I want them!!')

lol, sorry for the Japanese, I got carried away...


U "want" kids O.O ?! omg !!
daijobu-desu ka ??

well, seems like we are the only two who want to share their thoughts on this DB movie...
But about 70 ppl have read this thread already. -.-"

Lazyness as YOT member should be punished....
with two rounds of >>>>being ashamed :D

Yeah seems so...shame on everyone else... grrr...(though it is generally quiet here...).

Kids smell... they're sticky... they are noisy and keep you up all night... They cost a lot of money and...and... did I mention they're sticky...?

lol... that doesn't mean I don't like them... (though when people tell me they're pregnant my initial reaction is to say 'I'm soo sorry to hear that!' lol).

Ha ha... seriously though, I just don't want to add to our already over populated planet.. but if I could one day give a loving home to an unwanted child (or three), then I would do gladly of course :D

I always loved DragonBall, and Z, and GT... kind of, for GT. :P

When I was young, I remember watching DragonBall, but then we didn't have cable for years; so I didn't get to see DBZ until I was a young teen, and I become a big fan of it. ^_^ GT was nice, too... if not cheesy. :P

And I really enjoyed this movie, it was pretty fun. :) My friend from Holland burned it onto a DVD, and shipped it over to me, so I could watch it, too. My brothers, and I, decided to read the subtitles, adding a voice to each character (I remember reading mostly Gokuu's lines, and Goten's lines, other than the ladies,'); and that was pretty funny, lol. ^^

I'm still surprised Vegeta has a brother, Tarble... gosh... that one was unexpected by a long shot. :O But anyhow, I really think Tarble seems nice, and has a really cute wife, hehe. ^-^

(The fight scene really could've been better, but aw well...)