Prodiagal Son vs Kingheim
It was the final of a tournament in france. I lost 5/2.
His Kazuya is really great !
Don't hesitate to post your comments. :)

You and Ryan Hart in the finals ey, well done. :D

It's great to see you're representing Yoshi and doing so well. Some nice strats there, too.

Good job man,

Congrats on getting to the finals. Show everyone how Yoshi can be powerful.


Excuse my commenting without you seeing how I fight, but I think you can raise your Yoshi level much, much more...

1.) Have you noticed that you started doing better when you started using Sword Sweep more than once a round?
2.) Kamikaze should not be done without purpose! Good example is Deathcopter to Kamikaze. It's best used when you have advantage after a blow. And so you could see it, it hit Ryan just as he did ANY move.
3.) Where are juggle setups to Sword Sweep??? ... >_> They still work in Tekken 5!
4.) You don't use d/f+4, big mistake... SS+1 should be used as you expect high punches. beware this freaking backdash.
5.) Have you read my strats? FC,d/f+3, WS+4, f+1+2 is no juggle after this... do DGF 3! Not only it takes the same damage but also if opponent backrolls, you've got a free backthrow setup.
6.) Hardly any Flash I could see... you don't use u/f+4 and this is also a good kick.
7.) No D/B+2,2,2...??? This sets up great mind game!
8.) Ever thought about good juggles after Sword Sweep? D/f+1,2,D/B+2,2,2,2???
9.) After beign hit by two DGF moves, remember that usually people will want to kick you back, which is even more possible because they recover quickly. So the ever-working okizeme near wall would be DGF 3, DGF 3, u+3+4, D/B+3,3,3,3, FC,D/F+1, juggle...ooops? I already won? :) You did third DGF. In that fight, I knew even before the kick that it won't work...

OK< I shall pause here... so what are the positives?

1.) Yesss! You maybe didn't realize, but already discovered the power of ssKIss technique. :P SS KISS, that is: SS - Kamikaze. (called by my friends "The stunning kiss of Yoshi" :P). This wonder is highly evasive, and this is also the case in many of Yoshi's moves with the addition of ss to it. Well-timed evades even mid moves!!!
2.) I like the way you exploited any ducked high moves/throws. Good job! In the places where you use u/f+3 I use Sword Sweep :)
3.) Yup! u+3+4 after throw is a good-ass setup. :)

Generally, you did very well. As I watch this Kazuya, I would probably also lose with this guy.... but who knows, there's always a chance and a little bit of hope. :)

Gosh, I just don't know how you've made it this far with such a poor Yoshi style but still it's worth seeing due to the low tier character usage. I'm always impressed when somebody take the risk and use a hard to control personage. Your Yoshi is somehow tekken 4 shaped. Did you start to play with him then? In the movie I recognize some techniques wich was very useful in t4 but lost their power with the extremely long back dash added in t5. For example FC,d/f+3, u/f+3, sword sweep (still guaranteed as tech catch). I had the impression that you were petrified by the fact that you play with such an honourable opponent as Ryan. Learn to fight everyone equally. On the battlefield we're all the same:D You need some practice in front of the wall. You had many occasions to take a serious damage but instead you've got confused and let Ryan punish you fiercely. Tenshimitsu will be surely glad to provide you with some advices:D Think fast and don't overestimate the safety of bad breath.

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