What is your favorite tekken character

1. Hwoarang
2. Yoshi
3. Devil Jin
4. Steve
5. Bryan

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Heihachi Mishima

Yoshi comes second.

in nuber
5)bryan furry
4)Anna Williams
3)heichatsi misima
2)nina williams
and nuber one is......................
yoshimitsu and kunimitsu:yes

i really like miguel one the new char for tekken 6, he looks likes sado/chad from bleach :P anyone got links to some video of him?

even if i prefer SC tekken 6 as alot of potential, Hopefully the first time i will play it, king wont kill me with the screwdriver combo O.o like the first time (thats the reason i was like " screw this game >:("

so fav char (mainly for the looks a lil bit for the style)

1- Yoshimitsu
2- Miguel
3- Eddy (capoeira dude)
4- Drunken dude (dont remember is name)
5- bryan

P.S: chuck norris should play paul phoenix in the new tekken movie :P

there i hope many people will reply, its feeling death here :P

With the "Drunken Dude" u probably mean Lei Wulong of the Hong Kong Police :P
He´s Tekken´s Jackie.

Miguel seems pretty cool, yeah. I like his story too. Lost his love, fights for revenge, this is really old fashioned hero style XD
And he can smash guitars!! ^^

Why don´t u try Chaandztekken´s blog? He has a lotta vids, also partly good quality T6BR matches.

But, how on earth can u like Eddy ?? He´s a beginners button smash character and really has a weird style. He wants to mess with King Kazuya...forget it Eddy !!! Try it and u´ll get the beating of ur life XD
Besides, Capoeira cough cough....check this out :D [url=http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1827416]Eddy Gordo shows off[/url]

Dude Eddy is awesome. I think you just played too many noobs that spam slippery kicks. My friend is a Christie player and he'll play mind games all day with his mixups. I used to play Eddy myself but not as much after I focused on Yoshi and Ganryu.

Oh and Capoeira is awesome. Here's the fight scene from Tom Yum Goong. Tony Jaa vs Lateef Crowder. The Capoeira guy is the actual actor who's going to play Eddy in the upcoming Tekken film.

Here's my char list atm

1. Yoshimitsu (of course)
2. Ganryu
3. Bob (awesome)
4. Eddy

Wish I could pick up Lei and Wang again but I don't want to play too many characters.

I so KNEW someone was gonna post that Tony Jaa fight :D
What can I say ?? Nice choreograhpy :p
Okay, okay, Lateef Crowder got mad skillz. Doesn´t make me a capoeira fan though hehe
But hey, we can´t all be ;)

U probably know too then that his next oponent in that movie (or was that before "Eddy" o.O) is Jin Kazama. The one with the sword...Jon Foo.

And Tony beats them all...even Nathan Jones XD hahahahaha
sooo funny ^^
Have I mentioned before that every martial arts star MUST whop Nathan Jones ass in a movie ?? :D
Naahh,not really, but Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Jaa....even Brad Pitt (wtf!?) beat his ass in a some flick :P
What a career ^^

For me, Michael Jai White is unbeatable among the martial arts stars. Would love to see him fight against Lateef Crowder. Or Scott Adkins again...
Hey, lets make our own movie company ?? Come on!
We´ll make the best MA movies EVER XD

the scene with the capoeira gattsu is from the movie 'never back down' " nice choreograpgy" like you said. so no real capoeira fighter would actually fight like that exept movies. plus capoeira means : Dance of Death "dance" take it as art instead of a martial art.


Oh, I somehow thought this was real, because of the quality of the vid...
Can u show me a vid of some real caporeira then?

first one is capoeira vs capoeira

fight one

lost the fight but he didnt do useless flip fight 2

some canadian, you can see the capoeira in the kick but he still finish the fight like a reall MMA fighter with a submissionfight 3

dont really see the capoeira that much in this one but still a cool fight
fight 4

and your video but from the right camera angle for the movie never back down scene

my fave tekken chars.

1-Yoshimitsu :yes
2-Nina Williams
3-King and Armor King
4-Alisa Bosconovitch
5-Asuka Kazama and Sergei Dragunov

GO YOSHI! :) :)

Yoshimitsu, although one of my brothers has claimed him in both Tekken, and SC, so I don't play as him that much; but I still love him. :D

Umm... other characters... I like playing as Bryan Fury, Julia Chang, and Christie Monteiro - and I like the other characters, such as Lei Wulong (my other bro's character :D), Sergei Dragunov (my brother who plays as Yoshi, plays as Sergei, and actually looks alot like Dragunov, and is probably the best cosplayer, in my opinion, as well), Jin Kazama (my Lei Wulong bro also plays as Jin, and does good cosplays of Jin :D), Steve Fox, Nina Williams, Hwoarang (reminds me of a friend :P)... I guess I like most of the characters, really... oh, I forgot to mention Lee Chaolan, too... and Kazuya... okay, so I like most of the characters. :P

haha! ya got that right! LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS! HAHA

although i dont know how to use other characters, i got some slight edges since i finished every story in tekken 5 and tekken 5 DR...

1. Armor king
2. Yoshimitsu
3. King
4. Kunimitsu

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Well...Excluding Yoshi, My favorite characters are: Kunimitsu, King, Hwoarang, Ling, and Eddy...My favorite Comic relief character would have to be Roger.

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