What is your favorite tekken character

Dinaga : Actually, whenever I praise Yoshi, consider that I praise his T3/TTT version, because the T4 version SUCKS. :)

Your right there... His Tekken 4 version was terrible as well. I love using Yoshimitsu, and I find myself play each new Tekken less and less because its so hard to win with him. Hell, since I bought Tekken 5 a few months ago, I've played more TTT than I have Tekken 5.

Yup... playing Yoshi only with his uppercut and jg is not entertaining at all... sometimes I find myself in a situation that I don't know what to do. in T3/TTT I always did what I wanted...

Tekken 5 play is all about risk when playing Yoshi. OK... I'm going to open a "Skill" section of YOT soon, you'll see what I think about Tekken 5 Yoshi.

Tenshi, will you be making a Tekken 5 Yoshi FAQ anytime soon? Your last one was great, let's keep 'em coming ey.

Heh... Another thing I hate about Tekken 5 Yoshimitsu is how ineffectivly he uses Kuni's 1+2 as well as her d+3+4. Especially the second one because it just does not seem as effective as it once was. It almost seems like they gave him those moves out of lazyness. (They don't have to bring back one character plus they don't have to create a lot of moves for Yoshi)

Bah, am I the only one who likes T4 Yoshi? He has many moves that actually have saved me butt few times, and I especially like the fact that he can do so many "unpredictables" from his Indian Stance. The Samurai Knee is also one of my absolute favorites, as well as Oni Kick Combo. Of course, he has been toned down very much, but there's still something... something... well, whatever it is, he's got a load of it!

*sets up a sign "T4 Yoshimitsu rules!!!" and goes hide under the table*

No, Koga... you're not the only one. My Rating would be first Tekken 3 Yoshi, then Tekken 4 and the last (so far) - Tekken 5 Yoshi.

Tekken 4 Yoshi is also great. He was more "invisible" than in any Tekkens before. True "yoshi" (good luck) because people couldn't hit me many times at all. :D He had exceedingly good mobility, and his BT was solid: he "knew" when he was in BT and when NOT. And so you felt that in tekken 4 you had a total control over Yoshi's actions. I loved the little, buggy but also powerful Yoshi there. If not Jin, he would absolutely rule this game.

Tekken 5 Yoshi feels as if he lost something. You're right, Raven, about the d+3+4 and b+1+2 moves. They SUCK sometimes. Especially b+1+2 (what a disadvantage on block!!!!!! >_<), and d+3+4 not only has poor range... Yoshi is vulnerable both just after this move AND during the execution! Can you believe this SHIT? (excuse me... but I'm getting nervous everytime I start to think about what they did to Yoshi in T5).
Tekken 5 is now even more PRECISE. And Yoshi's actions were just about taking advantage on the lack of precisive movements of your opponents. In the other words: tracking and overwhelming RANGE of opponents attacks can paralyse Yoshi's dance. His disadvantages on moves' whiff are devastating for his health.

Geez... I'm soon going to make a whole essay about this. :) Please... I'll make an article soon, I'll describe my feeling there, OK? :)


I love Yoshi, but I don't know how to use him because whenever I do manji kicks or stone fists he ends up going dizzy and falling. Can someone explain what is the suicide and fake suicide attacks for? what is the purpose of giving the opponent life? Yoshi's cool, but I don't get why he does moves like that. Yoshi in Tekken 5 has the best costum, but as for weapon Tekken 3.

P.S. Please explain the purpose this is confusing me big time

Please go to Manji Village Forum if you have any questions regarding Yoshimitsu's gameplay.

Well in my opinon Yoshi is best in 3 rather than 4, because alot of the juggles that i used in 3 and tag, didnt seem to work in 4. I am unsure about 5, as i havent got it yet, because i live in England and it hasnt come out yet =( but from what ive seen on videos, he has become a little quicker than in 4.

no one mentioned Kazuya Wishiwashi? hahaha yeah kazuya's great but before him it was Beak Do San or Law (mr bruce Lee) hi tenshi, thats er um a nice signature :con very intestinal quite mankai HAHAHAHAAa oh er well i found it funny

My favs are Yoshi(someday Ill be part of the obsession team!), Brian and Feng.

Quote: That's the point! Yoshi, Lei, Ling and other stance characters that love dancing just can't live there the way they lived before.

Very true. Lei was one of my most deadly characters; now he's not even a favorite. Tekken is losing what was once a major part of it; Stance changes. They're goin' down the drain.

After playing a bit, I can say that Yoshi HAS the potential to kill an opponent in a couple of seconds, but it requires three opponent's mistakes and a littlebit deal of... good timing. :)

Yes! Timing and precision, and knowledge about Yoshi's moves can work wonders. Some moves have better crush abilities if done specificly... to be described in Yoshi's skill section soon.

My rating now:
1. Tekken 3 and 2 Yoshi
2. Tekken 5 Yoshi
3. Tekken Tag Yoshi
4. Tekken 4 Yoshi

And... Tekken 5 Yoshi has the fun factor bigger than anywhere else...

My favorites are Tekken 4 Yoshimitsu (because I don't use any of his tekken five moves :/) and Tekken 5 Julia. She got 10x better than she was in the earlier tekkens.

What do you guys think the tiers are; like

(name characters)



Well, from other people, Nina, Bryan and steve fox are some of the top Tier Classes.
Mid-high tiers are Xiao Yu and others.
Some said Yoshimitsu is a MID-LOW tier??? (I didn't say it)
and low tiers are of course: Kuma, Panda. Some people also said Lei was a low tier.

And I say again, this info is from other people. Just making sure because I don't want to give false answers.