Logout problem


At the moment I´m a little angry, cause I just wanted to post a looong idea for a
nice fanfiction story and I got logged out again.
Can someone please solve this problem, cause now EVERYTHING is LOST.

That sucks!
Maybe this is the reason that ppl don´t poste here that much, cause they loose their posts ?!

I would appreciate it very much if someone could handle it.


ooo I feel yer pain! This is something I'm all too familiar with... :D

I just copy my text and refresh the browser then paste... Or alternatively.. If I'm smart.. I click on 'Remember me' down arrow (Next to password) And remember myself for an hour. LOL

I'm not sure that works either Sum... cos I used to have it set to remember me for... I think it was like a month!!! I was constantly logged in (he he he). but even then... I sometimes lost stuff that I had written.

The copy/paste thing works but I think Gattsu has a point that some people will get annoyed if it happens even once and then may not post again. We all have different levels of English skill too so someone who needs to check some thngs while they write is gonna take longer. If after all that they get logged out and their work is lost then it could be enough to put them off posting in future.

-Oh my... I've just been sensible for the duration of an entire post! I'm slightly scared now...


oh but i once tested it by leaving a box open with text in and didn't lose it. (I know it's sad... but i had to know) You lose text if you refresh or go back on urself... dunno what u did. Wiped files again maybe lol. :D

I can´t even be remembered -.-
It doesn´t matter if I choose it or not, once I close the window and I´ll have to login again when I wanna post something...

Gattsu : I can´t even be remembered -.-
It doesn´t matter if I choose it or not, once I close the window and I´ll have to login again when I wanna post something...

So being remembered didn't work??? It won't work unless you press submit. :O_o
And as for closing the window and not being remembered that doesn't happen to me. Maybe it's your browser security settings. Try using I.E. If that won't work, maybe it's in ur best interest to pm an admin.

edit: come to think of it, I suspect ur using Mozilla. Do you have to re-enter your user and passwords on all sites; despite the fact you request them to remember you? If that's not possible it might be that the browser security settings could be set to automatically delete your cookie & history after each session. Maybe....

anyways, I have mine set to ask me for it's actions on everything.. like a pesky firewall. :D

hope that helps a bit

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press submit...hehe good one :P

Anyway, yes I use firefox. But the browser saves name and password, so I just have to press "submit" each time. Maybe u´re right and it´s the options that cause that problem, but yet being remembered works on all other sites.

And about I.E. ....it sucks :satisfied
hehe, sorry, but I have enough Microsoft stuff on my computer already and it´s in most cases not the best solution ^^

Well, but I´ll check my preferences, thanks for the hint ^^

Stupid as it is 'Submit' is my serious answer. You said it didn't work and i assumed you didn't press it. ppl usually press 'enter' when putting passwords in n stuff and i know that doesn't work if you want to be remembered on this site.

And yeah I totally agree with you with how much i.e sucks and Microsoft cooperation is taking over the world! But I just use it to troubleshoot when i have a problem. If nothing else works i blame my firewall.

Good luck finding the problem.

made mistake on last post. re-edited.

Just had major crash on pc. (It's been on all day) and am now using CrashMaster, who always decides to do scans at the worst of times. (been under my bed for the past week) This post took almost 10 mins to complete. :(

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Check if you have cookies enabled, check their lifetime. And always back up your post, it's a good thing not only on YOT. ^^