The True Ninja

I am obsessed about ninjas. They are the coolest things in the world. To me, they describe the very definition of perfection, and I want to bring out the "inner ninja" in myself.

The ninja is mysterious, calm, clever, and unbeatable. He has no home, no residence, and no attachments. He lives in the world, for the world, and will forever remain a student of the world. And in the absence of a world, he is a creature of the universe, the eternal void. While he has no abode he is always at home everywhere he goes. He is a "Cosmopolite Philosopher"!

He never has any need to explain himself to others, for as long as he remains on his path he is always right, and that is all that matters; when he is not right, he recognizes so and accepts it, thereby righting himself instantaneously - he thus exists in a state of eternal "Mindlessness", free from thought and opinion.

The ninja, despite popular opinion, is not a recluse, but is very sociable. He has to be if he is to survive under the cover of 'normalcy'. But as long as he is social, he is a leader, for he lives independent of others, and leads himself to the fullest extent that he can. If others want to join him in his mission, of course they are free to do so. And if he is to cooperate with others, it will be on the basis of mutual respect.

The ninja's reputation precedes him, always; if he is not around to act, his shadow will do so on his behalf. If he is not any one of these things then he is not a true ninja. But all people are only human. The true ninja exists only in the World of Forms, but it is my mission to reach ever closer to becoming a true ninja.

I therefore conclude that the ninja is not something that a person must exude, but is only a state of mind that might be recognized, occasionally, by external features. When a person must get the job done at all costs - whatever it takes - and does so, then he or she is a ninja! And Yoshimitsu, the ultimate role model!

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