The Cast of Tekken Movie (2009)

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Holly shit man. That movie will be epic fail

If one wants to be a true martial arts movie star, beat up Nathan JOnes is an absolute must :P

Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa and I bet more have already done it hehehehe

I'm watching the progress of this movie with Argus' eyes..
After seeing what they (=Hollywood) made from other fightinggames such as Mortal Combat, Street Figher and DOA, I won't dare to hold high expectations.

I'll be happy with the following situations;

- The movie turns out to be "good".
- Yoshi gets decent screentime AND is portraited well
- The movie sucks hard, but attains a cult-status.

The movie sucks hard, but attains a cult-status.

Even the fact that all those charas will come up is kinda weird for me. I mean, Miguel ?!
He´s so new that u can only play him at arcades, what are they thinking ?

So I agree with you, Kirimitsu. It probably won´t be a big hit...