Hi new here

As you can guess from my user name I love the sword SoulEdge. I love it litually. I don't really know why. I like anything dark and weird. I collect demons and stuff like that. I am not evil even though I do act it. I would never really hurt my enemies cause I don't have it in me. If I was on soul calibur I would want to save the world not destroy it. I guess I don't have a bad side lol. I have a really weird imagination. Also if I was on soul calibur I would want to pick up SoulEdge. I like drawing and reading.
My music is Evanescence, MCR, FFAF, Bullet for my valentine, within temptation, 3 days grace and music like that.

Hello and welcome to YOT!:)

Hehe! For a moment there I thought you were from Eaton!:p

Assuming you only play Soul Calibur; you might want to look at Yoshimitsu's blue costume in tekken 5! He has a sword that reminds me of Soul Edge. You will like it! :)

I actually have Soul Edge in my possession!

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No really, it's just a replica I won on eBay. But it's heavy enough for the real thing!

Anyway, welcome to the forum.