The spammer compendium

This made me smile, off gameFAQs.

This is a compendium of the various spammer styles in online Soul Calibur, detailing what they do, how they do it, and why they are unbeatable.

Spammer the First: The One Button Spammer.

This type of spammer has found a move that has a disproportionate amount of power compared to the amount of effort he has had to put into using the move. He mashes this move continuously until you die, and then continues to mash the move to desecrate your corpse after the KO. The move he spams has no counter whatsoever so you are destined to fail. Sidestepping or blocking and counter hitting with a fast move are not an option against the broken move he uses. Your only choice is to either allow him to KO you, or wait until he depletes your Soul Gauge and Critical Finishes you.

Spammer Number Two: The Two Button Spammer

This spammer is a more advanced version of the One Button Spammer. He uses TWO moves, more variety that way. See "The One Button Spammer" for failure strategies.

Spammer Two and a Half: The Other Two Button Spammer

This spammer is slightly more honourable than the first two spammers, but not by much. While the two moves he repeatedly uses are exceptionally powerful, they are not broken on their own. However, together, they are an unstoppable force! Move one will hit low, and move two will hit mid. He will employ these two moves in such a manner as to trick you into blocking one way, then hitting you another. His mastery of the human psyche means he always knows what move you are prepared for, and will then hit you with the one you are not prepared for.

Spammer III: The Button Mash Spammer

Spammer 3 doesn't spam any particular move, he just spams random button inputs, with no rhyme or reason. This unpredictable style of play makes it impossible to know what to do next, and as a result you should simply do nothing, rather than waiting for the spammer to accidentally input an unsafe move. If you are impatient, jump backwards towards the edge of the stage until you manage to ring yourself out.

Spammer 4.0: The Guard Spammer

This one isn't complained about too often on GameFAQs, but this spammer spams holding down the guard button, until you attack with an unblockable move in which case they hit you with a fast move and subsequently combo you. You cannot beat this person because anyone good enough at the game to play this spammer type has fast enough reflexes to hit you out of an unblockable attack, and there is no other way to hit a standing blocking player in the game.

Spammer 10/2: Ring Out Spammer

This devious spammer tricks you into going near the edge of the stage, then knocks you off, sometimes with a throw, sometimes with an attack, securing victory. He abuses a glitch in the game which causes you to automatically lose if your character goes beyond the boundaries of the stage. The ring out move often catches you off guard the first time, because the player will either play normally, or will be getting the snot kicked out of him in trying to get you into position. This tactic of abusing this glitch in the game is so dishonourable that nobody would expect a person to use it twice in one match on purpose, never mind thrice in a row. Because you are not expecting this move to occur near the edge of the stage, you are then prepared for anything BUT that move to occur, and it hits you time and time again. The only way to combat this spammer is to put yourself in the mind of this honourless scrub, not recommended for those of weak will.

Sixth Spammer: The Closet Spammer

Also known as the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," this spammer begins play like an honourable player, using a variety of moves, until he begins to lose and becomes desparate. At this point, he ceases the masquerade and hits you repeatedly with the broken, unbeatable move that is the hallmark of the one-button spammer.

Ultima Spammer: The Mixup Spammer!

This Spammer doesn't spam any specific move or sequence of moves. He blocks, guard impacts, throws, and uses a variety of moves to keep you guessing as to what he will do. He hits you high so you block high, then low because you are not blocking low. He will hit you out of your slow moves with fast moves, block your fast moves and hit you, and has learned to string chains of attacks together to maximize his damage output. Sometimes he will abandon a move in a sequence because you are expecting it, and when you miss the GI, he will begin to hit you again. He even goes so far as to occasionally abuse the "Ring Out" glitch employed by Spammer Five! The list of dirty tricks this spammer uses is endless, and every one of them unbeatable.

In other words, the mixup spammer is the ultimate cheap player, using the "honourable" tactic of learning all the moves for his character, and then spamming every single one of them in a logical order. Not even the other spammers on this list have a chance against these players. Disconnect immediately upon recognizing this type of player, and record their gamertag for future reference.