Need Help??? its veryyy IMPORTANT

Well im new here (kind of because i was in the old YOT with my nick KitimitsU)and i need your help pleasee???

Well im fan of Yoshi(DuHHH luv him) and Kuni(specially kuni >w<) and well....i have fan arts of them but there is something that anguish me....please im begging to somebody help me to contac the Administrator of KAT (yeahh the Kunimitsu apreciation team) i knew that she/he told made a comment about yoshimitsu in the old page. The reason is im agruping pictures of them and i NEED pictures of Kunimitsu

When i visited his/her page i watch that she/he have a lot of fan arts of Kuni speacially one that make me feel so sad and happy at the same time ( if you watch the fan art of the old YOT in my other account -kitimitsu yeahhh -the face of yoshi was inspired in that japanese draw.....

Please im begging somebody who can help me???? I know that the administator is called "Zephyr" and the page K.A.T is closed.....i need your help plzz

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Did u try google-ing the pics or look at deviantart ??
(if u´re still checking this site....)

Well in DA (i have an account .___. ) i search and yess i found pict about Kuni and Yoshi not at all...

In google wel...i put Kunimitsu and...just appeard two things :

-Information about her (official pictures)
- Tezuka Kunimitsu (-_______- fuck i hate him)

Im still seeking the adminitrator of the disappeard page K.A.T "Zephyr" but...its least i have hope to found her ><

I just looked for you and I couldn't find any clues. (Not even the mentioning of Kuni-shrines existence.) Unless she was absolutely crazy about PSP's, and would create and name psp software with her own nick. There were plenty of hits.

Q's: Are you sure 'Zephyr' was her nickname? And what was the domain name for K.A.T?

And if you're trying to access the site through your 'browser favourites' try copying it to the 'search bar' in-case your favs aren't working. Tell me what it says. Because this is weird.

With these I might have more luck.

You search these in google:

Zephyr tekken
Zephyr kunimitsu
Zephyr fan art
Zephyr post/s

And if she really closed her site; do you think she'd want to be disturbed?

Whenever you post in such a way and I look at your avatar, it makes me think if you´d have said this, it would have been hysterically shouted :con

yeah, this really helps you....:p

Mmmm.... sorry for the late answer i was busy playing Tekken 5 DR (recently i buy the game xDDD) welll... i will give you the old page of Manjikai there is a prove that she exist: <--- she give her opinion about Yoshi >w< <----and her nick appeard again

Mmm...i tried to search but it doesnt work.. U_U oh well...

--- about your last question....disturbed?? i dunno maybe or it could be disappointed too... but im just sad because when i have 12 years i always enter her page and watch all that she got there (im a trully fan of Kuni)...her fan arts or post(i doubt that they are her fan arts...because i see that all of these pics was from internet like Kenshi'draw)... and finally her background was reaally beatiful it was a chibi face of kuni' mask but in japanese style.....i miss her

She's no longer keeping that site... I can try to find her, but there's little hope.

... ;____; can find her??? thats mean that your are her friend, isn´t it? ohhh i wish to talk with her ><...if you do that for me i will be always been thankfull with you... ><.. :D ThAnks >w<

You can buy the domain she used to have. Maybe the ppl behind this could help you find her. They might have some info about her, I mean she bought the domain from them, so maybe...

But I´m not sure if it´s OK to give out information about Zephyr to "strangers" :con
....for them I mean ^^"

Oh no dont worry i just want the pictures that she post in her club obviously with her permission... nothing more..uh and the background :) ....

But like i said before i miss her because she was the only one who made a decent club for Kunimitsu ( a forgotten character :c ) and thanks to her i will try to do club for her...or draw a lot of kuni's xDDD....

About the domain? well, i will try to contact them but its a BIG company who buy the it will be difficult ><

Ah, i forgot something you wrote to me....uhm yes i was deseprate because it was also a homework from the university...investigate sites of internet, get pictures about you like (include anime, teacher like Tekken he understood me xDD) and obviously for my interest too.....

About my avatar xDDD i like this chibi yoshi owned >w< kind a cute :D

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maybe it´s her, maybe not....who knows. Just found this by coicidence and thought the name sounds suspicious:p

Mmmmmm.....i will ask her if she is what im thinking... but before take these crazy action i have to thank you and the formun too...

I will ask her if she is...

Hey Kistune, we haven´t heard anything of you for a long time now...
Did u find Zephyr ??

Well, she didn't reply

xD im on ofe her friends of kitsune...well she gave up, u___u i feel sorry for her... i will draw her some kuni pics because she is upset...shame :c