Rebooting this forum

Alright, SC4 has been out for how many days now? This forum should be active again. Come on, try to share strategies or something.

Anyway, I'm fairly new to SC's yoshi, so I've been playing rather simply. To keep my opponent on his toes, I have a tendency to string together my moves with the low spinning kicks, (Crouch Down-Away K) just enough so that I don't fall over, and then use his standing away kick, which hits mid and knocks them away. Pretty good for ring outs, as well. I've also been using his uppercut an awful lot, trying various little combos. I seem to do the most damage by just repeating the uppercut, then spinning kicks as they fall, but I haven't looked in too far. Tell me if you found something else. The door knocker is rather useful, especially since my opponents, after playing against me, have a strong tendency to guard low more than high. I'm not used to the stances yet. Flea annoys me, because it is so much more trouble than in tekken. In tekken 5, I could beat an average opponent on flea alone. I'm not yet used to any of the stances, but I've found that I could get a decent combo, if I can get it to work right, by using kamekaze to flea - k to copter - super copter - any super copter move. I'd like to be better with super copter.

And of course, I like to sidestep the slower opponents and punish them from behind. (tee hee)

Yeah, I'm up for that! Though I'm afraid I'm not good enough to contribute anything interesting/useful. Currently I am just practicing and trying to get the hang of the game. So far I've just about mastered turning on the Ps3 and inserting the disc!!

My strategy is even simpler than yours too. Mine is a) try to stay upright (including standing back up when I've been knocked over -tricky stuff), b) Try not to voluntarily walk off the end of the arena (was never a problem in Tekken) and c) (This is the important one for me) try to face my opponent!!!!

On a slightly more serious note (though I'm afraid the above is all true, not just me being sarcastic).

A few things seem to be quite different even to SC3 never mind Tekken and I am with you on the flea thing. How annoyingly complicated to hop now? And I love doing that on Tekken. Though I like what he does if you quickly tap k while in flea (though I am clumsy so sometimes press it too hard and end up lying on the floor instead of in manji dragonfly -please refer to point a) of my strategy above). Think you mentioned that one too. Oh and I like that if you tap a+g while in flea he does 'oni killer' though I noticed the command is meant to be g,a+g but the initial g doesn't appear to be important!

With you all the way with door knocker, love it in Tekken and love it in Soul Calibur.

Super copter? Is copter manji dragonfly? Doesn't the extra high one damage Yoshi though? Or am I thinking of the wrong move here? It's cool and all but maybe it's not such a great idea to use all the time.

Anyway, I'll respond again in a week or so when I have a better idea what I am doing/talking about! May take a while because I am very, very new to video games but my heart is in it and I can be a determined little thing when I put my mind to it (stubbern might be a better word for it). I will get better, and for Yoshi, I'll even try to get good!



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Yes, supercopter hurts yoshi, but so do many of his other attacks. It's a little sacrifice you have to give. Not to mention, one of Yoshi's supercopter moves is a heal, if you time it right.

I've been playing online a lot, recently. I've just about got all of yoshi's moves in my head, which is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, now I have Yoshi's entire arsenal at my disposal. On the other, my reaction time is slowed because I need to do more planning to properly go through all the moves. This will pass, however, and the moves are sure to become second nature.

Now I'm finally getting the hang of beating all those quick spammers. They generally go with the rhythm of the moves they're using, so I'm starting to get guard impacts! Also, Yoshi's [Ba] attack is great. I managed to beat one spammer simply countering all his moves with it one round.

I've also noticed that if you use the spinning sword attack (Hold back Ba), opponents tend, the first time, to assume you've left them a huge opening and will run right into it. It's funny. The moonsault slayer (Look it up) is also a good move for attacking opponents who back off at the beginning of the round, much like astaroth's Up&towards B+K.

I've been doing pretty well. I've been switching between Yoshimitsu, Astaroth, Lizardman, Nightmare, Cervantes, and Yoda. I played Tekken because I liked a few of the characters, which made it hard to try playing as other ones to get their moves down. I play soul calibur because I like soul calibur, which makes it easy to try out everyone so their moves don't surprise me.