How about an "Off Topic" thread ? ^^"

Hey folks!
Uhhm, well I was wondering if someone could put an off topic "thread" or whatever this is called up? Section.
Where we can talk about....other things then Yoshi and Tekken. A place for funny movie trailers like this or other stuff?
What do u think about it ?

(sorry, just HAD to use this smiley)

Put me down as a maaayybeee. It could work but what if everyone started posting there and stopped being obsessed with Yoshi? That would be awful!!! a world gone topsy-turvy and certainly not a world I'd want to live in! Imagine it, other things to talk about besides Yoshimitsu... oh I feel sick and dizzy now. I need a glass of water I need to stare at him for at least 15 seconds...

I'm okay now. Well anyway, after that totally un-called for overreaction, I do think it would maybe put people off from getting off topic on other threads and may help us get to know one another even better (assuming we actually want to of course! :D lol).

okay, that's my turn over, next...

What a coincidence I was just looking at this thread jembru and you reply to post quicker than I did. Darn slow computer! I could die quicker than a page refresh...

Yes I vote for randomness.:yes But I think we'll have to be careful not to abuse other topics and not over spam this one. Because I am very spam cautious and know pretty much all the topics on this website and their uses. Just opinion... Up to adimins.:satisfied

i wonder does yoshi ever speak english? lol!

It's a down right crime but yes, on Soul Calibur he does speak English but I almost always have the settings on Japanese. I'm repeating my self here but I did go through a phase of playing him in English just to make him say 'onion' but I'm now banned from doing that as it stopped me putting up a real fight!


Okay, I understand you. But I remember a time when nobody posted anything for days here, it was not that long ago. When I registered, before all u crazy girls joined us :satisfied:D ( gladly!)
I think we´d be carefull not to get too deep into spamming and talkin off topic.
Admin? What´s ur opinion?

:yes or :no (<- I love these guys hehehe)