I be back :s

HELLO!!! its meeeee Kazuya with english than last time, no more of them spelling mistakes, and also a helping hand with translations hehehehei hope the crew is stil here, hey! is my main man big chief about?? hi tenshi how are you?? DINAGAA!! nice to see youre stil about, what about kogamitsu, kirimitsu and jfdhfjug??

anyway missed this place needed time for college nearly past this year :D

Hello there! :D

Welcome back to yTS, mate! Everyone's here, hehheh :) We missed you too!

So how's your college going?

Welcome back, Kazuya! Good to see you!

hahaha sweet, college is going fine nearly done just a few bits and pieces, well at least kirimitsu is stil here so im not the oldest :D sweet just found jfdhfjug, er i cant seem to get an avatar :( no fair i want my "yamada"

Eyyy, sup man! :D
I was wondering where you went, welcome back!

Hey, Kazuya! Glad you're back. Welcome! :)
Gaaah- Am I the oldest here? Argh.. :dontgetit

hey big chief and kiri, can you tell me how to get an avatar please??

Go to 'Profile' in your Control Panel. Towards the middle is the avatar section, where you can either pick an avatar or upload your own.

If it's still not working, perhaps it has something to do with your rank, which is currently set to '[1] Member'. If that's the case, ask Tenshi to change it or something.